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How to Become a Smart Contract Auditor with Patrick Collins

The career of a smart contract auditor is an exciting one albeit a difficult career to build.Β Smart contract auditors are very well respected in the web3 space and are...

How to become a Technical Writer in Crypto/Web3 | With Ake of Chainstack

We talked to Ake from Chainstack about who are Technical Writers, what's the difference between them and regular writers, demand for them in web3 and how to become one...

UMA πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Optimistic oracles built for Web3

A recording of weekly Twitter Spaces hosted by

Vite Labs πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Bridging Every Blockchain in a Multi-Chain Future

A recording of the Twitter space organized by Crypto Jobs List with Richard Yan from Vite Labs.

The Defiant πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Growing a DeFi News Publication

A recording of the Twitter space organized by Crypto Jobs List with Camila Russo from The Defiant.

DX πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Launching Projects in Crypto

A recording of the Twitter space organised by Crypto Jobs List with DX.

Crypto Community Managers: Fireside Chat x Crypto Jobs List

An informal Twitter space on community management in Crypto.

Gro Protocol πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Leveraged Yield & Deposit Protection on Stablecoins

A chat with Gro Protocol on DeFi.

Immutable X πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Scaling NFTs on Ethereum

A chat with Prabina from Immutable X

Web3Auth πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Making Web3 Authentication Simple

A chat with Web3Auth Team (previously Torus Labs) on making Web3 authentication easy and their recent funding round.

Alpaca Finance πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Leveraged Yield Farming 🚜 on BSC

A chat with James from Alpaca Finance about DeFi & yield farming on BSC, their team, work culture and what they look for in new hires & community members!

Trusted Node πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Optimising Staking and Returns

A community chat with Stefan Rust of Trusted Node on what it takes to run a DeFi Service.

Strips Finance πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Making DeFi Interest Rates Tradable

A Community Chat with Ming From Strips Finance on why they're making a DeFi platform for trading interest dates.

Ether Cards πŸŽ™ Crypto Jobs List - Community Chat

How Ether Cards is helping creators engage communities using NFTs, with CEO Andras Kristof.

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