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UMA 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Optimistic oracles built for Web3

A recording of weekly Twitter Spaces hosted by

Vite Labs 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Bridging Every Blockchain in a Multi-Chain Future

A recording of the Twitter space organized by Crypto Jobs List with Richard Yan from Vite Labs.

The Defiant 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Growing a DeFi News Publication

A recording of the Twitter space organized by Crypto Jobs List with Camila Russo from The Defiant.

DX 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Launching Projects in Crypto

A recording of the Twitter space organised by Crypto Jobs List with DX.

Crypto Community Managers: Fireside Chat x Crypto Jobs List

An informal Twitter space on community management in Crypto.

Gro Protocol 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Leveraged Yield & Deposit Protection on Stablecoins

A chat with Gro Protocol on DeFi.

Immutable X 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Scaling NFTs on Ethereum

A chat with Prabina from Immutable X

Web3Auth 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Making Web3 Authentication Simple

A chat with Web3Auth Team (previously Torus Labs) on making Web3 authentication easy and their recent funding round.

Alpaca Finance 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Leveraged Yield Farming 🚜 on BSC

A chat with James from Alpaca Finance about DeFi & yield farming on BSC, their team, work culture and what they look for in new hires & community members!

Trusted Node 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Optimising Staking and Returns

A community chat with Stefan Rust of Trusted Node on what it takes to run a DeFi Service.

Strips Finance 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Making DeFi Interest Rates Tradable

A Community Chat with Ming From Strips Finance on why they're making a DeFi platform for trading interest dates.

Ether Cards 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Community Chat

How Ether Cards is helping creators engage communities using NFTs, with CEO Andras Kristof.

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