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How Ether Cards is helping creators engage communities using NFTs, with CEO Andras Kristof.
We recently held our first ever Twitter Space with Andras Kristof, the co-founder and CEO of Ether Cards. Ether Cards is an exciting blockchain project in the crowded crypto space. While everyone is using NFTs to create generative art and other artwork to flip on Open Sea, Ether Cards leverages NFT in unique ways. 

Ether Cards is a tool for creators to engage with their community. For example, a creator with a loyal community can use Ether Cards to give out different NFTs for different purposes. Maybe give them out as bounties, or top community members, or more. Creators can even use them as means to raise money. They can issue NFTs as membership cards for exclusive content and access to events. 

We had an informal chat with Andras Kristof, who’s been in the crypto space for a very long time. We discussed how he managed to scale their company from just 6 people to 38 people, spanning across every time zone imaginable. We also discussed other topics, such as what they look for while hiring someone and ensuring the job gets done. 


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Ether Cards 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Community Chat
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