Conversations with founders, community members and hiring managers in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies about what's it's like to work in crypto.
Covering crypto work culture, tools, day to days and workflow, hiring process and tips, how to find a job in crypto and more!

Hosted by Raman @ksaitor and Crypto Jobs List team on Twitter Spaces.

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Why Is Everyone Moving To Cosmos Ecosystem? Sebastien Couture From Epicenter Podcast & Nebular Summit

Sebastien Couture is a podcaster and entrepreneur based in Paris, France. He is the co-founder and host of Epicenter, the best tech podcast covering the blockchain and...

AI Marketing For Web3 With Tim Haldorsson, CEO Lunar Strategy | AI Trends For Marketing Professionals

A.I. Marketing For Web3 With Tim Haldorsson | A.I. Trends For Marketing Professionals In 2023Tim Haldorsson is the CEO of Lunar Strategy, a web3 marketing firm that wo...

Web3 Career Without A Degree w/ Ethan Francis | Web3 DevRel Lead of Chainstack

We recently had a conversation with Ethan who is now the DevRel lead for Chainstack about his journey and how others can also plan and get their first job in web3.We'l...

How to Become a Smart Contract Auditor with Patrick Collins

The career of a smart contract auditor is an exciting one albeit a difficult career to build. Smart contract auditors are very well respected in the web3 space and are...

How to become a Technical Writer in Crypto/Web3 | With Ake of Chainstack

We talked to Ake from Chainstack about who are Technical Writers, what's the difference between them and regular writers, demand for them in web3 and how to become one...

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