Web3 Career Without A Degree w/ Ethan Francis | Web3 DevRel Lead of Chainstack

We recently had a conversation with Ethan who is now the DevRel lead for Chainstack about his journey and how others can also plan and get their first job in web3.

We'll discuss his path to becoming DevRel lead at Chainstack, the skills required, and more valuable advice for those looking to learn from his success.

Ethan's Journey into a Web3 Career:

In 2020, at the age of 15, Ethan like many others became fascinated by the crypto altcoin bull phase that followed the pandemic.

He was already interested in becoming a software developer and had planned to go the usual web2 software development route. However the blockchain bug bit him and he became highly interested in web3 development.

Throughout 2021, Ethan focused on developing his skills and re-taught himself Python, JavaScript, Web3.js, and other frameworks and libraries associated with Web3.

He actively engaged with various communities which made him realize that there was a disconnect between Web3 enthusiasts and the technical aspects of web3.

This is when he thought of solving this problem and he took 1 year to build a solution to provide a well connected web3 wallet styled experience within Discord, called Amity DeFi.

In 2022 Ethan discovered the role of a developer advocate (DevRel), which perfectly combined his passion for technology and communication.

DevRel involves bridging the gap between developers and projects through technical expertise, community engagement, and content creation.

This is when he started applying for jobs in web3 and after some 200 odd applications he got an interview with Chainstack and got onboarded as a Web3 Developer Relations Manager and later in early 2023 started leading DevRel for Chainstack.

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Web3 Career Without A Degree w/ Ethan Francis | Web3 DevRel Lead of Chainstack
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