Strips Finance 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Making DeFi Interest Rates Tradable

A Community Chat with Ming From Strips Finance on why they're making a DeFi platform for trading interest dates.

The trend these days on most DeFi platforms is to have pools and ask users to provide liquidity for an interest. However, these interest rates are variable. Strips finance is looking to solve this, by letting users trade the interest rates that they get from other platforms.

Trading interest rates is a popular function in the fiat trading world. Strips finance is looking to bring that into crypto. Users can trade, speculate, and hedge their interest rates to bring in the best possible returns.

We had an informal chat with Ming from Strips Finance on Twitter Spaces and this is a recording of it. Ming came from traditional finance and realised trading interest rates is a huge untapped market in Crypto. Listen to how Ming came up with the idea, hired his core team, and brought the idea on-chain.

Strips Finance

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