Strips Finance 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Making DeFi Interest Rates Tradable

A Community Chat with Ming From Strips Finance on why they're making a DeFi platform for trading interest dates.

Oh, welcome, welcome.

Cool. Yeah, I think we will we'll just, I mean, it's meant to be a super casual chat. But I do have a few questions prepared. But yeah, like just then, tell us more about,

Strips finance how did it how do you started it what was the idea behind it.

Yeah, for sure, sir. You know, the the,

Inception of the idea really came about you know in my trading of you know basis and

Futures in both traditional finance and and also in crypto and so in derivatives there is this concept of funding rate on your perpetual derivatives

You know think about FTA Spit max finance and and then subsequently you you have.

The funding rates on or

Interest rates on lending and borrowing protocols like are they and compound and so what strips is is where a derivatives exchange that allows people to trade interest rates and funding rates

As an independent asset class in and of itself so for example if you

Believe that the lending rate of are they is gonna go up in the next day then you can actually express that view and profit from that by,

Going long and interest rate derivative on strips so,

We try to make it easy for people to speculate on interest rates and also to hedge their interest rates if if they

Want to do so as well. And we started in April. Of this year and so far we've been expanding quite rapidly. We closed our

Sea round and and also our private round couple of months ago and we added investors like multi coin sequir US.

Defiance capital, mechanism capital, and So, we're really excited to accelerate the transition of defy and you know,

I'll I'll aim is ultimately to have defy it try to fie.

I think there's already happening. Together as a you know the on ramps are just a bridge from defied. It's very slow bridge.

Call where I was actually wondering where did the name come from that's I know it's an awful bit question yeah how do you cover that name you know it people think there's you know some

Yeah, connotation with some you know, not safe for work.

Type of you know ideas but actually strips is a very well known.

Acronym in traditional finance so strips actually stands for separate trading of interest and principal security in interest traditional finance so so it's it's actually acronym of this really long.

Derivative what and it's it's used to trade interest rates in in banks and hedge funds and and so we'll be basically took that acronym and we felt

That it was it rolls off the tongue and you know we are adopted it as as our name.

Cool. That explains it. Have you, have you actually mentioned that anywhere on the website on the white paper? Cuz I think a lot of people might have the same question. Yeah. Actually, it's pretty good story.

Yeah, we we probably should. So we don't, we don't

Write it in our website of where the name is originally from but yeah we probably should we we also like to learn that people's imaginations run wild as well cuz I think Alice story is a lot.

You know, more bland. Then, then, you know, most imaginations.

Did he go from like a holiday to.

For you to go from an idea to starting to execute it. Yes. Incorporate it or how are you, how do you call it like a full time?

Yeah yes so I I left so previous two strips I was actually a full time

Trader I was head of trading and business development at Hey Meyer which is a Chicago based prop shop that does

Trading, market making, etcetera, and I left in April to kind of

Delford full time into defy and back then really I I all I had was an idea and a piece of paper right and,

I I have to give a ton of credit to you know Roman and the team at crypto jobs this because.

Our first hire who was also our CTO was from crypto jobs list and so without without crypto jobs this week we wouldn't be where we are

Here today because you know we we hired our first employee and and also our most important employee from from crypto jobs list and

And you know, subsequently, once we.

Had brought on board our CTO I would say maybe 2 or 3 weeks after I left my full time job and then,

We hired Alcio in in the same week and you know that that kind of,

Built out founding team of you know three of us and you know things just kind of evolve from there and now we're probably.

Team where right now a team of 10 and we're just on boarding another engineer so there were,

Put us at 11 strong and you know I think Cooper jumps this has been a really important,

Platform for us to to find talents and I think that what you guys are doing is is really invaluable in in the space because.

You know I think,

Having capital is one thing having an idea is another thing but really my view is that the most valuable piece of a company is is its people and

What what is the company or what is a project it is simply the combination of

A group of people's ideas and then thoughts in a coordinated,

Manner, right? In executed in a coordinated manner and that that is the most important part. And so I think you guys are doing incredible job.

Thanks for the kind words. Wasn't expecting. Testimonial right in the beginning. But yeah really appreciate it. And yeah once again congrats on getting CTO and I think it's.

And congrats to getting it from us from group of jobs but I think it's it's really in this market it's so competitive

Yeah. Getting anyone technical, getting any engineer, getting solid in engineers, and especially CTOs. So, I think a bit of

You know also testament to what are you doing as well like that you were able to attract right talent there how did he make the decision by the way to.

You know, after going through different resumes, through different applicants, what did that, what did stand out in,

You're kind of current CTO's profile there. Really flick things. That's a really good question. So obviously you have the technical skills that you look for in.

You know CTO but more importantly when you're looking for someone that is,

You know, one of your founding team members, you know, one of your earliest hires. You really want to have someone that who's values are closely aligned with yours and are

In it for for the long term right and so we want to we we wanted to not just hire someone that was technically strong but also was in it

For the tech you know I'm ironically you know in it for the tech and and and not simply just here for like a pump and dumps game which this is

Hotter this type of personality is is hot as a filter out and so it took us multiple.

Interviews and and calls back and forth and it's also a chance for the other person to understand more about

My values and and you know the direction that I see strips to be in the future and ultimately I think what what.

Took me over the line was the the fact that the CTO the Canada was willing to,

Delay any type of payments of his gallery or office tokens until we went to main net.

Right so that fact in itself you know showed me that okay this guy is not in it for the short term and he.

You know he he's confident enough that.

He's willing to forgo his pay until we launch a mean net but ultimately you know you know we.

We wanted to be fair and and you know we end up with a arrangement that that was still you know fair for him and and also performance based right and so I think having,

Having a good renewation or comp package is is also really important and that's something that I spend a lot of time thinking about is, you know, how do I align?

Our people with the vision of the company both on a.

Spiritual or or on a emotional level but also on a incentives and financial level.

It's very generous from your security to delay kind of the payment until you're going full of full sorry on me that I think it's yeah requires kinda a lot of trust from from a day and days ago.

You're not necessarily an engineer or you're not a programmer right?

Yeah I'm you know I'm not a programmer in the you know traditional sense. I'm self taught.

You know I've always been very interested in programs and and writing programs since I was a kid so my first exposure to programming was actually one hour's.

The seven or eight. When I was playing this game called Roonscape. And back then that there was some pretty primitive bots that that were in the market and they were open source and free so

You know I I played around with those and and wrote a couple of very basic Java programs that you.

Yeah. My trading career also,

Force me to learn a lot of programming and Piper and and sea shots of Bill trading programs and and algorithms and

Yeah so but I know I I've never had a formal training and programming but you know I'm pretty comfortable reading and and writing code.

Understand. Yeah, I think my my question was more around usually it's much easier to.

Hire someone of your own kind so presently for experience like trader or like you know economic economist or finance professional or marketing professional you kind of know what you need to be looking for and you know the right questions to ask,

But if you're trying to hire someone of like a different of a different like an old category of of kind of work or line of work it's usually a bit harder

So I was just wondering for someone who's not just somebody a full time engineer.

Who's not a like a career engineer or a career developer would you say the word that like some challenges for you personally to make them old did you have to like advice get advice from from third parties from your friends from other like technical advisers that they had.

Yeah that's that's a great question you know surprisingly,

I know just enough to get by. You know, I know, I know just enough to know when someone's bullshitting and luckily, you know, I had that that

The surfers level of knowledge that I could detect when someone's bullshitting me versus when someone knows what they're talking about. And

I think I I also feel very very fortunate and and lucky that

We were able to find our CTO so so quickly and and find someone of of that caliber very quickly through crypto jobs list and that that saved me a lot of trouble and once

We you know found our CTO then really all of the future technical interviews with developers are,

Tested without you know are done without CTO so I I luckily you know don't have to show my lack of experience with you know programming there.

Yes I I feel very fortunate definitely you know for critical jobs as well to find out first CTO I think that was a pivotal definitely pivotal moment then I'll company

You know, looking back, you know, I think having technical advisors would have helped but I

I'm not sure how much more it would have helped maybe like it would have been a marginal improvement of you know 10 to 20% in terms of efficiency or like filtering the the right candidates but it wouldn't have been,

You know a major hurdle for me just because I I knew just enough to be bullshit from

People that that actually knew what they were talking about.

Awesome. So and it's first time it's been your room mode from day day one. Is everyone? Yeah. Nine in the same country.

Yeah yes even through this day I still haven't I'll see to your face to face and we are 100% remote like you said and it myself and our

In the same country. I'm not gonna say where in case I talk to myself, but

We the rest of our team are globally situated so of all the way from Asia to Europe to

The states you know we basically have people working around the clock in

Both marketing and engineering and and operations so you know we run it very lean team but

You know, I think with crypto, you kind of have to be 24/7. So,

That's where finding the right people again is so important and also so difficult is you know because the typical

You know, nine to five worker is not going to be able to understand when you say, by the way, you have to work on Saturday and Sundays as well and you know, BB on call. 24/7, right? I think most people wouldn't be able to understand that, and so it's really takes a special kind of

Character to to be encrypto and and and also to work for a crypto company.

Definitely I think it's how do you how do you usually.

I didn't defy that where someone is crypto ready because everyone's applying when they're applying to jobs right over there applying to work in crypto quite a lot of people are not necessarily like ready or they're ready they're not even ready for the crew mode first work.

Yeah. What do you like? Yeah. Favorite kind of interview questions and interview process itself?

Yeah, yeah. So, my favorite question that I like to ask people is,

To tell me about the most difficult time in their life. And this

This question shows a lot about the candidate because people that have gone through very difficult

Periods in their life. Are and ends come out stronger. I think are the type of characters that

We want to attract an ultimately succeed right because.

You know just speaking from my own personal experience with you know how our court team members is that I think,

People that are really successful have some degree of insecurity. Right? Whether that's from their childhood or whether that's from their peers. Whatever but they turn this.

They translate this insecurity into motivation,

And and and also the the willing willingness to go above and beyond to succeed because I think for the average person that,

Feels that that doesn't have this, you know, insecurity or of trying to impress other people. They might not necessarily have that

Same motivation of you know trying to beat their peers right so you know it's kind of funny that you know we're trying to find it it's you know it's funny when I say we're trying to find easy care people but,

I think that it's kind of true to to a degree. And secondly, is you know, with

Did the you know when we asked hey you know what was your most difficult period and of your life it also shows us their mental strength right and and how they put bad situations into perspective

Right and I think.

If they're able to translate a bad situation into an Empowering lesson or

Or somehow make them stronger as a result. That's a very powerful tool. To to have because that means that you're basically unbreakable, right? And you know, nothing tell it with coin that has anti fragile

Right and I think Bitcoin is one of the best examples of anti fragility because the more someone attacks Bitcoin, you know, we've seen so many boom and bus cycles but ultimately, Bitcoin comes back stronger.

I'm definitely stealing that question when I'll be interviewing people. I believe you're recommended to ask.

For me to ask that question. Yeah. So you definitely had a good answer prepared. I really appreciate it like that you're insightful point about.

You know how people with surf needs securities they try to kind of overachieve or perform and to kind of.

To you know I would compete their own insecurity or out do themselves like prude themselves it's a very strong motivator.

And and I think this is just my take by the way. It's by no means you know I don't wanna generalize everyone but you know I think that it it does take some form of like.

You know differentiate for someone to really want to,

Go down the path of giving up stability a stable job and jumping into crypto right and

That that says a lot about people and it, you know, I think a couple months ago, it would have been easier to find,

It would have been easier to to to test the loyalty so to speak of authenticity of people in in that we interviewed because.

Firstly, you know, before October or Dfi was sexy.

You know the fact that someone's interviewing for a defy company says a lot already but now it's you know it's a little bit more difficult to tell whether someone's in it for the long term or whether they are just in it for the shots,

And you know there are a couple of things that we look at like,

You know, how how long have they been in? You know, we we sometimes ask people what their DJ scores, what was the most wrecked? You know, that they've they've been if if they've been it

In like some of the like algoin you know wrecked farms then you know immediately we know like these guys are one of us.

Nice. Yeah, I definitely agree with you in terms of especially like for this.

If this market's like a lot of newcomers are there I mean every every bull market there a lot of people flocking like in a moving into the space and I usually

Kind of tell companies and you know critical jobs is what started in 2017 and we had a massive done market in 2018 19 even beginning of 2020,

And you know we definitely see a lot of companies not hiring because a lot of companies.

Treasuries are in crypto like post ICO crazy lot of people had,

Just all their all their corporate funds in in East and Eth is like $70, $20. No one wants to liquidate like hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. Do payroll so they might as well like not higher.

Yeah. But at the same time it is indeed like one of the best times to hire because signal to noise ratio is like better than ever. Oh yeah but who will be applying,

During like for example when when was they crashed this this year June?

Time to take a vacation. Yeah. I think people you know I'll see you next week. Let's take vacation. Yeah a lot of people will know I've been tweeting that.

Yeah and yeah, I definitely, I definitely subscribe to what he just said.

Yeah and I think the other thing is that you know I think it's a great thing that more web two engineers are starting to come into one three and I think,

That is a trend that I have noticed is accelerating.

And it's you know, it's a good thing. You know, I think that developers have a different set of.

Motivations and kind of things that they you know,

It is important to them versus just like, okay, crypto is going to all-time high, right? Like, I I think the best developers that we found are more.

You know problem solvers and people that generally I just,

Curious of of solving difficult problems rather than looking at you know the price of of the point for example and like we we try to,

Find those type of people that are genuinely curious about difficult.

Problems rather than just like copy pasting like pancake swap or sushi swap you know and then watching a new text saying that that's that's a bad thing right we've seen a lot of successful protocols do that,

But I think you know for for us we we just wanna do do cool shit you know we just wanna solve.

Interesting problems and do things that we feel are worth doing.

Have you have you like a lot of people been applying to to orchestra.

Have you see like having just discovered in yourself any pet cubes that you really hate that when people do or say.

Or put on their resume when they apply or they try to find job and crypto. Mm hmm.

You know, I mean, you have the, you know, typical like.

CV that over emphasizes on there are contribution to a certain project and then you know when you ask them about.

When when you ask them more the you know deeply about what they're involvement in in a project they,

You know I either they try to avoid that question or or did you know they they try to kind of bullshit.

You know and answer but one of the questions that that we like to ask is you know what what is the most difficult problem.

That you faced during, you know, your previous project and and how did you solve it, right? Because number one,

It it makes them you know it basically will separate the week from the chef because.

That will it means that they had to solve a original problem and they

You know, and then they had to come up with an original solution, right? And I think that.

You know other pet peeves it's.

Yeah I think that that's my main pet peeve so far I I'm always the

My my co founder CEO she always tells me that I'm the forever optimist and I always assume the best in people's and what I see someone see the really nicely ridden and with like

You know my hair over emphasizes their achievements yeah I add 10 to lean more onto to believe,

That the CVS is true rather than false, right? And.

My my worry is that you know what if I missed out on like hiring the next like Zuckerberg or or or the next superstar developer so I'll always spend time to to interview.

We we try to interview every single candidate.

And you know I I think that I'm pretty happy with spending time on on

I'm finding people even even if it means you know spending wasting an extra 30 minutes right I I think that that time is what's spending.

I think what he what he mentioned about kind of you know asking about the most difficult problem they saw. I think really well applies for,

For engineers do you have any specific or like similar questions that would apply to non-technical hires because a lot of a lot of people hopefully in this chat as well

And I'm pretty sure a lot of people end this in this chat as well. They are non-technical.

And you're looking for their way to getting to crypto full time, part time, or just find their first gig or project to contribute to and their might not be might not be engineers and that's not just like probably number one question.

Yeah yeah get asked on Twitter on email people get surprised that there are non-technical opportunities so please share some light that it's not only about engineering

Yeah yeah by by the way we we all

Are you know kind of a plug self plug here we we are currently looking for ambassadors and community

Ambassadors for strips and also you know we have non technical roles open for

Marketing side, and you know, design side. We were always looking for talents of people to to join us.

And yo, with regards to, you know, what type of question, non-technical question that we like to ask. It's very simple for me. I, I just asked them what's most important to them.

Right and I really tried to drill drill downs to what drives them, what motivates them, and you know, I I I try not to.

You know, be you know, accept the surface level answer, you know, and and you know, keep asking why.

They they wanna join crypto and and you know what is their motivating factor? And I think you know if if someone tells me that.

Money is important to them, right? I think that's, that's a fair answer. And

You know that's one of the drivers for a lot of people in crypto right but the main thing the main thing for me is can this person be honest and upfront because.

When you're running a small team the most important thing is communication and trust right so if,

We can trust each other to to do the best for strips then it really makes things move a lot quicker,

And you know I think when when you don't have that trust that's when things start to break down.

Do you usually give like some test assignment to non-technical people?

Or how do you like if someone shows their interests to work and they wanna be encrypto but they have oh previous crypto experience how do you usually test and suspect.

Yeah, they are, you know, natural DJ, in the making. That's that's a tough one to test.

But you know for for example is it.

Department specific role like marketing we might ask the candidate to write a improvement proposal.

Of how strips can improve its marketing so writing down the list of,

Barry is up improvement and and you know putting together.

Presentation or a proposal on on how we could,

Improve our marketing strategy for for design wise it's you know it's probably easier we can look at their,

Portfolio of designs and then maybe ask them to draw draw or designer example that.

You know that we can look at. I I think.

Having having no experience in crypto is is is not a you know kind of.

Red flag for us I think it's more important to have curiosity even if you know you might not have,

You know apes into the latest you'll find but having a curious and open mindset is is a very important to us.

Yeah so far I've been recommending everyone especially there are non-technical to.

Just right like right block post write an article share your opinion even if you're new sure your journey I'm just trying to find more

More tips that I can give out to people and recommend them like how can they make their resume, their application stand out. Yeah.

At Twitter used to be really good for information and and really good for learning but with this bull market I think there's way more noise than signal you know I think in like 2019 and 2020.

There were a lot of Twitter.

OG sorry not too OG crypto OGs that that were on Twitter that was just sharing a lot of alpha,

Right and nowadays I feel like the the signal to the noise ratio has really.

Drops like as everyone's just kind of like,

Yeah like yeah man and I think it's it's probably more difficult to shoot

The the the set through the noise today than it was a year ago so I can definitely feel,

For the the newcomers but there are some really great like websites now that and newsletters that are good starting points and.

You know there's a lot more tutorials today than there was you know say even at yoga.

And and like you mentioned in the beginning, there's a lot more companies that are hiring, right? So,

My my suggestion if you know you are someone new in in crypto is to try to find a role,


In in a establish or in crypto company crypto native company and just take the leap of faith because.

The worst cases you learn a lot about crypto and the best scenario is you know you you learn a lot and you get very wealthy along the way right.


I have a like controversial question I guess. Would you hire an ons or have any anonymous approach to,

And how did you handle it? Interesting enough, we haven't had that many.

A nons approach all we have in interviewed that many onlines and.

That, that maybe, you know, because you know, we we haven't gone into.

Size or popularity yet that you know we're attracting a non-developers but let's make it a hypothetical question then how would you how would you you know you have 100 K followers,

Hey 5 billion AUM. Yeah. It's a TV I was right. I'll take photo here. And yeah what how would you have like you know 1019 on your DMs?

What where did the process like yes maybe I didn't know. Yeah. I I would say right now it's a maybe.

And and I don't know because I I don't wanna say like,

You know we're we're not against the idea of having anonymous team members and you know even our own team is Samuel Anonymous right for for safety reasons but you know we,

We feel like there are a lot of well at least my personal viewers there's more good people than than bad people in in this world right and.

Totally understand if someone wants to remain anonymous and encrypto so I'm not I'm not against it

We we probably have to

You know I adjust our hiring process and you know maybe the the employment contractor or or the legal side of things have to be adjusted but yeah I'm definitely open to it if if there's a

Right foot. Yeah, definitely. I think it's this question will be popping up more, more, more frequently.

But I think there was there's this whole space is kinda built ons or founders and participants so I think it's that's the space scales. I think that problem will be

Well I can challenge will be more and more pronounced.

Yeah I think like one one more personal like more or less personal question that have like essay found or how do you find yourself.

Hey was it hard scalling yourself or going through different phases,

Multiple Dexas.

Yes, sir. That's a really great question. I think as a founder, you fluctuate between absolutely.

Depression and and then on the other spectrum is you know,

Narcissism, right? And I think most families fall somewhere in between the spectrum and.

I I try to stay as grounded as possible by meditating every day and.

You know the.

The beginning was definitely very tough trying to basically go from oh to one and you know take an idea and and build a team around it but I've always been very confident that.

This the idea of having an interest rate market is an inevitable. So if we want to go to do it

Someone else would, right? And for me, it's less important about who does it and more important about.

We you know we help the acceleration of the transition from the the

Traditional finance infrastructure into into decentralized finance infrastructure. So, with I'm I'm just happy that I can help accelerate that

That trend in him whatever meaningful way that that we can and you know I I have a pretty optimistic view of a competition and I I welcome fair competition and

You know I I think that's,

You know a lot of projects don't like there are investors investing in competing projects but I'm I'm pretty neutral to that you know I I've told her investors that if they would like to invest in competing projects

You know I'm not going to

You know, restrict them and and you know, I think that's totally fair and because it it helps grow the pie, right? It helps accelerate the space. The the only caviar to that is that

You know, fair competition should be should be fair, right? And there shouldn't be any unfair practices that.

You know that that I've been done like you know like scammy type of tactics but yeah I I think that,

You know I've I've always had a pretty holistic view and and pretty pretty open minded about about that so it it never really worried me whether we were going to like.

Be successful because I think that this market is inevitable so whether we succeed or someone else will or succeed.

Yeah 100% agree with the US especially by what he said he'd be getting on their phone a founder mindset.

For me it's been like I mean I used to be doing meditating meditation as well but leave there just you know try to cycle or go to gym and yeah the apps and downs are this this wings can be massive especially in the beginning.

Yeah. Yes, like, for me, yesterday, we were relouncing on product.

We can apply in crypto jobs as 2.00 and product hunt and like I think I submitted it.

I'll schedule it for submission and it actually went live. I had a time which is like AA terrible thing. A product hunt. So I almost had a heart attack. Anyway, it all got fixed but.

Yeah. Yeah, and speaking about competition, we definitely been also seeing quite a lot of job boards popping up in the space, which is I will, I'll I'll say a little bit annoying to me personally. They're gonna lie.

Because everyone right away claims to be you know greatest and best number one which is I don't know maybe questionable certain cases but,

I I definitely kind of more than that I definitely subscribe to kinda it's it's more about biddling and like.

During the space overall growing the pie because it's it's a massive market and it's gonna be bigger and bigger.

And we cut off my my moto is you know don't just idle bit all.

Yeah. Competition out there. It's not no web 2.00. It's it's much more collaborative. Space where

Especially when you're on on chain on May that all protocols build on top of each other. For sure. So,

The other thing about competition which I I like is it it really helps you focus right,

And if like you said if there's another job spot that's popping up.

It lights a fire under your ass. Right? And it if if that competition doesn't show up you you know you might maybe you might have not pushed,

For more products, more features. And more aggressive you know, road map, but the fact that that competition existed means that your, your.


On yourself and you know moving yourself forward at at a at a faster speed right and and it's probably the same thing for for for the competitor as well so I I think that.

Ultimately it's it's beneficial for the space and beneficial for the

And user right there and consumer. But yeah it sucks as a founder. Right. It's so other compared as trying to you know budge into your space but

I think you know it I I view it as a as a motivator to

Be more focused. But yeah, I, I think, you know, ultimately, the modes you know, I always say that our moat is not our product. Our mode is our team

And our processes right because products come and go

But what makes you a sustainable winner is number one your team and number two your processes right because.

Products can change but,

If you have a good process, you will always come up on top. Right? Any of you have a good team, you will always come up on top. So so I again, going back to, you know, hiring,

I spent a lot of my time thinking about,

Our team and about our hiring and and also ensuring that we hired the best people because,

One one notion that that I have is we wanna have a high talent density right so we want.

You know we don't necessarily need to have a high qual quantity of people but we wanna have high quality and high talent density.

So once again we trolls are hiring for and how do people apply? Yeah so we are currently hiring a senior solidity developer.

And we also have rolls open for

Marketing we have rules open for ambassador community management and also if you're a graphic designer

You know, feel free to drop us an email at jobs at strip stop finance.

Yeah I was I was planning up the before two questions because we have quite a lot of people here have I see some familiar faces.

Chi Rob he's also working on a crypto company I think a lot of other people so guys don't be shy if you have a,

Questions were you I mean maybe maybe you have some more things to command before we while people are deciding on their questions.

Any other tips that he would give the general tips for people breaking into crypto or finding their job or hiring.

You know, just general tips, number one, have fun. You know, don't don't take.

Thanks to seriously I think crypto you know is a very open and collaborative space so don't don't be afraid to reach out and and ask for help,

But yeah happy to answer any questions or just open the floor up to to discussion.

Awesome. Thanks, man. This was amazing. Okay, guys. Questions anyone, raise, raise your hand. Ask for to be a speaker.

No one yet. Is there is there a question that you wish I I asked you but I haven't.

You know I think we we

Discuss the light. But can I ask you some questions? Sure. Sure. We got Dan next up but go. Okay. I added Dan to to the speakers but go ahead

No, I I think that's let's take a community question first. If we have any time left over, I can ask you some questions. Yeah. Okay, Dan, just connect. Do not forget a question. Dan, hello, Dan.

Hello. Hello, everyone. Okay, we can hear you. Okay, PM me.

I joined I heard you guys talking a lot and speaking about yeah so my question is this yeah.

You said you're trying there's a lot of noise now in the space and ehm.

A lot of noise you can differentiate the noise from the real content on all the way how far because.

We have a lot of people talking about price action. This is one of my question. So, I'll.

How does one try to separate the noise from the recontence.

That's one. Yeah. You guys have been talking about jobs and hiring. Yeah.

Myself I've been in crypto for a while yeah so I've just been learning trying to get my house dirty into new ehm ventures under arrest.

I want the.

Holding it up and everything going on so.

People looking to people looking to navigate or get into the crypto space yeah.

I'll see they should look out for.

For me I'm civil engineer yeah so I'm trying to get into crypto full time now I just want to go through this whole process of.

The of the bull and experience it fully like get a full experience then maybe apply for job.

In crypto. So, I know so I want to stay ahead of the cough. Yeah.

I want to start a new call by getting to add some things to my CV.

So that's when I get to apply for a job my civil guru busts.

Got it. Yeah that's a great question. So,

On on the first question about signals and the ways ratio and where to get the best you know kinda information I I also struggle with that.

You know

Recently because there's just a lot more noise in in Twitter but there are few really good

The channels that I subscribe to on Telegram like the Daily Ace or like unfolded that I really good places to get your.

New summary. You know away from the the away from the noise.

Other other great.

Places for learning and information is real vision right with Raul Paul and he he does some really great podcasts so I think those places are good


Start off and and another really under appreciated source of alpha is crooked jobs list. Right? Definitely I definitely.

Scroll through the job listings of computer jobs list at other companies and seeing which ones are like,

Hiring for marketing like engineers very aggressively and I know okay like this company is probably doing something serious and.

And that's that is an unauthorized source of alpha. And and your second question of how how to start

In this space is is it difficult question to answer in a general sense because everyone has a you know their individual circumstances but

If you have decided that.

Crypto is here to stay and that you want to move the space forward and and you want to be a part of this.

I I can say that it's it's not a decision to be taken lightly because.

Unfortunately if you do join crypto.

It's very hot to leave and if you join crypto from you know traditional.

Job then it's hotter it it's hard to put that on your CV,

If it doesn't work out and you wanna you want to go back to your your previous sector or industry so that's unfortunately like one of the,

Drawbacks but if if you believe in encrypto as a long term trend then

I would say you know start small like like ramen mentioned yes that's more and just write blogs or just write your thoughts and then share it to to Twitter to to

Media and be active and communities of projects that you are passionate about number one you'll learn a lot and number two you probably get.

You know, wealthier in in the process because there is still so much opportunity that's untapped in the space, right?

So I I would you know I would start small and then if you once you feel more confident then you know look for

Rolls in in crypto that's.

That you know are interesting to you and there's no no shortage of.

That yeah there's no footage of open rolls you know that that are on crypto jobs list I can assure you of that.

Hi so subscribe to that as well especially a script of jobs as being the source of alpha I would definitely find myself multiple times as a situation where,

I see some coin mooding and I look at it and I'm like this looks familiar and then I realized that they was they were hiring,

Like a few months ago or like a year ago. I think definitely the same thing happened with graph protocol early this year when the went to $3 and I remember they were posting jobs like in 2019,

18 and 19. On CGL and I was like missed out. Well, I didn't miss out completely but anyway, it's it's definitely

I get office first. I would also recommend following some like small cap.

Twitter accounts. It's a bit hard to find them because usually, you know, Twitter accounts with fewer followers they tweet kind of high high signal.

I find way too many high profile Twitter profiles they just tweet popularistic.

Content which I personally getting tired of. Yeah. Like people like Eve is money and I'm like

Cool. I've heard this, you know, a 1000 times. Where some other like, obviously, that is just very easy and retweetable and people will be like, hey, but it's you know,

The building is the the people that used to share a lot of really high quality alpha.

Are now just like posting random stuff and you know posting popular stuff that now I have to,

Like a valid weather I wanna keep following this person on that because you know you don't wanna unfollow because what a 1 day they they dropped some alpha on you know October with like

2020, tweak thread, you know, but yeah, it's definitely annoying.

But I think that's that's you know part of the bull markets.

And you know it's it's it's it it's both good and bad, right? It means that.

We are really in a bull market. Right, cool. I think we asked for both of the questions. Next up, Danny. Yeah, you guys can hear me?

Okay. Yeah, I just about three finance. So, what are probably you guys already answer this? I just joined you. So, I'm sorry for if you already answered. I just wanna know what's the what's the problem are you trying to solve? That's one.

Two do you have any other like similar competitors in the in the space three are how do you differentiate yourself among other crypto networks.

Thank you. Yeah, sure. Thanks for the question. So, for strips, the prom that, you know, we.

We saw in in defy was that you know you have all a lot of these,

Volatile interest rates that that are in lending protocols, boring protocols, and and also for for example the funding rates on,

Derivatives right is is constantly fluctuating and so there there wasn't any fix rate.

Protocol that offered a capital fishing manner of locking in and and hedging your your interest rates and and secondly is.

In traditional finance interest rate derivatives market and interest trading is a 400 trillion dollars business if you look at the delivers volume in the world,

80% is actually interest rate to replatives the remaining 20% is a.

Make up it is made up of FX and an equities so if you think about.

Bitcoin or Ethereum as you know stock market or or FX then

You take the volume that's being traded in the rivers market and you multiply that by five right and that's kind of the the the size of what interest rate markets could be

And and so what what strips build is a way for traders to easily speculate,

And hedge interest rates as an individual asset class right so we review interest rates

As a as as a price of,

Money, right? The the price of future money and and future cash flows. And so that should be a,

Tradable instrument by in and off itself right and then you know what what comparatives are there,

As far as we can see.

There are a few fishweight protocols in the market that try to use a token based approach but we find that it's not very efficient and not very.

Effective. Of of way of trading interest rates, right? And so we took the approach of using the revives rather than using token backed model

Of of trading interest rate and so as far as we can see there aren't any other,

Competitors that are taking this approach and that there is a very clear reason why and the reason is that because it's really difficult,

And that there was, we know of one protocol that was going down the same path, and you know,

Raising capital for an interest exchange like us later they actually decided to pivot,

And you know, my my guess is that they felt it was too difficult. To to build this and so,

I think you know that's that's the nature of the problem right and unfortunately we we

Took the more difficult path but we feel like it is the right path. And.

You know I I think you know I mentioned a little bit about our differentiating factor but other other differentiating factors of of strips is for example for our AM.

It's extremely capital efficient and also we are the first protocol to use Alpitokins as

Collateral for the rivers and and as collateral for the air man so I think that,

In itself is is a pretty, pretty awesome feature. I gotta admit, that took us a very long time to to figure out and and to build and test. So, hope that answers the questions.

Yeah thank you I just this one want to follow up question you mentioned it's difficult for the other things do you mind to share why is it so difficult yes so when you think about building an exchange you know if you build a physical,

Spot exchange light.

You know, finance. Where you're just exchanging bitcoin for US dollars. It's pretty straightforward, right? You have acid in it, asset B, and then you just, you just changing.

Hands of essay and SAB, right? And you know, you can use uni swap, you can use sushi swap, and you know, that's, that's pretty straightforward.

But when you get to the realm of the rivers.

It a complicates things you know by a few you know degrees right and number one is

How do you how do you calculate the piano of a interest rate derivative contract that's number one number two is how do you calculate margin and risk.

Right? Because for derivatives we offer up to 10 times leverage. So unlike the case where you have someone that agrees to buy a Bitcoin for $63000 and you hand over.

You're bitcoin and then and then walk away with $63000. With the rivets with leverage.

I might only give you for that one bitcoin I might only give you $6000,

Right but then I I tell you I promise to pay back the remaining amount or you know if the price of Bitcoin drops you can take the $6000 in you know and and the Bitcoin back right.

So like these type of mechanisms need to be,

Figured out and need to be built in place and from from financial engineering standpoint is very difficult for interest rates because,

Number one no one's ever done it before in in defy a number two image in traditional finance there is no,

Clear motto for the valuation of of interest rate swaps right you know we have.

A couple of 1000 page book on fixed income that you know we we've read and and gone through and there are model,

For approximately the price but there is no close form solution for calculating the price of interest swap unlike,

Options which has black shops, right? So, you know, on the financial engineering point, it's it's difficult and then on the technical point, it's it's even more difficult as well because you have, you have an asset that.

Is not physical, right? Interest rate? It's it's not a physical asset. And and so, you know, how do you

How do you manage that? How do you trade that? How do you settle the piano? How do you settle collateral and margin and liquidation? So there's there's a lot of,

Degrees of complexity that that is is added on top but we feel like that was the right direction because ultimately.

It it's not going to matter if you.

Take that easy road but the no one wants to use a product right so yeah I hope that I hope that answers your your question.

Now, I really thank you. I like it. I just wanna ask questions if you're man. Where you guys, if you don't mind sharing, where you guys please off. On the internet. Or.

I'm sorry. I mean, I'll tell the US or inside the US, it's just you know. Oh, okay. I know where we're outside of the US. Yeah, so if there's any feds here, we are definitely outside the US and we are not a US company.

Okay okay cool go thank you so much.

Alright. Okay. We had Umaire and then Solani and then and then,

Rafael I think in that order Daniel I'll gonna do you for now so it gives space for other people thanks so much again.

Alright, sure. Hey, good guys. Just wanna say thank you for doing this. It's this type of like collaboration and you know, just like down to earth vibes that,

Is really motivating and inspiring in the space. So thanks for that. My question though, you know, my journey, like through the jobs process.

What's kind of demoralizing? Honestly, with not having much experience in crypto. So I found myself now in a couple of dows.

Which is actually been really positive experience. So, I just wanna hear your take on, you know,

Your personal opinion on the potential there to move into a career from joining Dallas as well as like balancing the whole investing and crypto while you know trying to pursue a career cuz obviously,

I think most of us in this space are committed to the fact that crypto might be one of the best investment opportunities of our lives. So just kind of a two folded question there and I'd love to hear your opinion on it please.

Yeah, thanks for for that question. I think it's it's awesome that you know, you're starting out and gabbling in Dallas cuz.

I think Dallas also one of the really great places to to learn and you know like you mentioned it crypto I I I feel is one of the.

Bests investment opportunities of our generation and if if you're already you know part of a couple of dollars I think you're you know few steps ahead.

And if if you want to transition to like.

Full time role in a in a crypto company I think starting off with the Dows is is great place and then.

You know just messaging people on Twitter just applying for Rose on CJL groups of jobs list as is you know.

One of the best ways to get noticed and I think people like.

To to to work with authentic people that genuinely wants it want to help and.

You know I I think a lot that there's like this trend I'm sure of like,

Project intense right like sushi intern like CNN I can tell you that,

A lot of these interns don't get paid a lot but they get.

Magnitude is more back just from the alpha that that that the exposed to right and so I I think.

Not only is it important for founders to find.

The right people but it's also important for the the people joining the companies to do diligence on the on their founders on the project team and make sure that,

You are joining a project that is in it for the long term and and and they can learn a lot from.

Okay, yes, sure. That sounds like there's a lot of potential there like you said from being an intern. How about in terms of investing like while, you know, trying to be involved with these different companies.

Yeah so if you are part of a dowel or part of a project early on I would I would ask for.

And and this is not financial advice by the way. But I I would.

Align myself with the project by either asking for a way to invest in in in the token at at the.

Team level or have your,

Compact package be tied to the token in in some manner or have some performance based bonus I think you you would be doing yourself a favor and and also doing the company a favor by

Aligning your

Performance with with the company's taken or you know with with how well the company does as well. So this is kind of more on the individual negotiation level.

And again, it differs case by case.

But yeah I I would say you know investing wise try to.

Have high conviction on us a relatively small number of projects right so.

Are the worst the biggest mistake I I see a lot of investors make in in crypto is like kind of like the spray and pre method right of you know investing small amounts into really low cap.

Coins are hoping that one of them or 100 X which is kinda like buying the lottery,

Hey if you you know rather if you are very familiar with a project and very involved with the team and have very high confidence in it I would say,

You know, that big on, on, on that project. And.

You know because why is because if you're involved directly you have an information advantage over others.

Right so you should try to exploit that edge as much as you can.

Whereas if you're just going on and then looking at trending points like you have you have oh edge versus other people so if you're already having edge.

Optimal way is to maximize that edge by betting big. Right? Again not financial advice.

Yeah no absolutely that's a lot of sense so thanks again. Not a financial advice from my end as well. But it would definitely agree in terms of especially when you interact with the project.

You can have know whether you'll like the people or not and I think just just having a you know just knowing that the project is run by good people and honest people all day that have altering modits is,

A huge is gonna show up in a talking price sooner or later.

If I did not be you know in next week and next month maybe not even next year but sooner or later it will like,

It will the ball kind of rude that project,

I mean look at E and S think EMS for the longest period of time was the most under under height NFT and that's what ENS is it's say you're Cseven 21 and it's been around since 2016 as far as your number.

You know, of course, like, you know, in this bull market, a lot of people use that as like a.

Show of their kind of status but they're youth supporters.

But in the end of the day you know outside of just having a fancy or expensive Twitter handles.

What what matters there is like it's it's it's a naming system and it's like DNS but I think it will be even more impactful than than DS,

And if you understand the futility of that and you kind of starting tracking with it and again he and Aston have.

Any tokens up until we can go or a few days ago but like the size of the air drop is just you know it it's kind of it's probably one of the biggest ones in especially if you own ENS for quite some time.

Yep. And and I also just sorry.

Yeah. I just add one more point here that what has really helped me with investing is actually not,

Any of the investing books that that I've read or any of the tentacle analysis like dragon and and and tutorial

On the internet. What has really helped me is actually reading about the history of finance.

Reading about history and evolution of finance why certain things were invented the way that they were why certain things why the banks are structured the way they are.

Or why is there even a federal reserve? Right? I think people don't.

Realize that the federal reserve is a relatively new phenomenon that is has been around for less than 100 years. So in the entire record of you know,

I think finance has been around for, you know, thousands of years, right?

I like the the the idea of currency has been around for I don't know like maybe four 500 years but the federal reserve the idea of a central bank has only been around for,

Less than 100 yes right and and even like the idea of the European Union

Has only been around for a couple of decades right so understanding why these things were formed is is super insightful because history doesn't repeat but it does rhyme

Right so there are similarities that you can draw and then on the like NST side.

I personally feel like you know I I've been you know sleeping on NFT's a little bit but,

That that is more of a

Like culture, like how do you capture the the culture of of people, right? And I think you know, understanding about committee and and and things around that is, is also

Good to capture like and and find the next NFT investment but yeah for sure the the understanding of

Like the history of finance has helped me a ton and and finding like what the future of defy is gonna look like and and that's why I'm very confident in in strips because I I know that.


Finance evolved there was a need to create an interest and there was a need to have fixed interest rates right and and so I'm I'm not at all concerned about,

The the future of strips because if we just look at history books right we we understand the underlying driver of interest rates and and so we just position ourselves.

To be there. So, that's the that's the other advice that I would give. Yeah, read history books.

Alright. How much time do you have? By the way? I I.

Open up this the rest of the evening. So, keep going. That's very generously. Awesome. Okay. We who was next?

Thanks to Mayor hope I'm not butchering your name. Alright. That's just go to Savannah.

Hey should I say I'll greet advice by the way about reading the history of finance I'm definitely going to go through with it.

And I see a lot of potential in the project of course and I see that it's going to get popular with time. And as it gets ice strips gets more popular and more decentralized with time where you see,

You know strips in the world of crypto afterwards and the future where how far does your vision go with strips so.

Ultimately is to disrupt the whole traditional financial system

Of the interest trading. So interest rates is a 400 trillion dollars market in traditional finance. It is extremely inefficient. It is traded.

Across OTC desks in a pier to peer.

Matter via Bloomberg chat groups and telephones so treat us literally still get on the phone and say hey I wanna,

By 10 billion dollars

Is a threat swaps. And then someone on the other hand will probably write it down on piece of paper. Set it through an email and say confirm that you are buying 10 million dollars of US interest rates swaps at XYZ price

And then the other person writes back to the email says I confirm and then that gets sent to the middle office and in the back office and they they record that into their excel spreadsheet

Right and at the end of the month they say hey you owe me 500 million dollars because this position went up,

And then and then the other guy let's say like Barclays will say,

Actually we disagree we think we only owe you 400 million dollars and then they get on the conference call they argue a little bit and say okay we'll set up 450 million dollars,

So this is typically how the traditional finance traits interest rates.

Which is really, really hilarious. When you think about how much money is.

Exchanging hands. Right, we're talking about over 6 trillion dollars.

Of trading volume everyday are exchanging hands in interest rates that's been done through this method so there was a no-brainer for us that,

This would ultimately have to change. And we have this tool called blockchain that offers instantaneous settlement, instantaneous price discovery, and this basically.

Is multiple orders of magnitude better than the existing system, right? It's.

It's a it's a joke that we make in in traditional finance that the whole world runs on excel it's,

But it's got a green of truth in it. Right? Because basically the whole of,

Financials the financial system you know with trillions of dollars of trading is is being done through excel right and so blockchain is is like a.

Multiple better version of an excel right basically you have this database that is immutable that people can't rewrite and and change the rules.

And and so it seemed like a very clear cut case for us that okay.

The existing technology and traditional finances decades old, right? And it introduces a lot of risk and inefficiency. So,

Ultimately what is what is going to be the end goal right what is going to be the next evolution of finance right and it was very clear to watch that it was going to be in D five and and within D five.

What is the most you know under.

Explored space right and with the most upside potential and the biggest market and interest rate was was the very clear answer.

Right thanks a lot thanks a lot that my question.

Yeah, no problem. Cool. Thanks, Sarah. Sarah, Rafael is up next.

Hey, everyone. Can you hear me well? Yeah. Okay.

So and I worked a little bit during my stage and crypto web.

End my question is related to your hiring situation and hiring situation the crypto world in general,

I saw that there are many many position for senior developer meets developer but really few in junior positions

So I was wondering my question is actually do you really find senior developer for crypto world?

Or is it just you have a lot of money to spend and you you can afford send your developer so yeah this is related that's that's a

Good question so I think senior developer with.

Like people say oh we wanna hire a really experienced delivery's kind of like a missed number because everything about smart contracts it's only been around,

I I don't know the exact yo is it 2015 or 2020 16 2014 technically and was kind of getting more popular.

Hey Facebook.

Yeah so like 2016 let's just say you know if you're smart contracts goes goes live so really you've only had 5 years of of this existing,

And answer it's really difficult to find someone with more than say to to yours or even 3 years of experience because

That person needs to be really, really well, like early, are on the crypto wave, and.

You know I I would say is anyone with more than 1 year? I've experienced I would.

I would classify them as pretty experienced and anyone with 2 years is like very experienced right and and that's just kind of the nature of things because.

You know, of of how young the industry is, right? And so, I I wouldn't worry too much. About you know, whether

You you have enough experience for for the role I would just say you know just go for it and and try and even for us.

We don't necessarily discriminate against someone who has no.

Crypto experience. In fact, we we just hired,

Someone that that has only 3 months of crypto experience into a senior developer role,

Because he showed he had you know

More than a decade of software engineering experience so you already knew about very good software design patterns how to structure code properly how to do testing

You know how to do security,

And and so that I feel is a lot more important than under understanding like how to write solidarity code and if you can display that I've been there will be a lot of companies that that,

That would you know hire that type of developer but.

You know I get I think you know caviar is that it depends again on who you're speaking to because if it's speaking to a HR person they might only just like look at the surface level stuff and you know.

Not really think much about the rest of your non quitter experience but if you're speaking directly with a founder or with like the head of engineering most likely if you already have experience with.

Engineering and in other fields and you you you are a proven problem solver.

You know, I I think that the hiring managers, it should be pretty open. So, at least we are reopened to it.

And then the other thing is if you are someone with less work experience like you know less than 2 years or or just you know fresh out of college I really good place to start

Is actually with trading firms right because trading firms have a need

To higher developers both senior and junior for both crypto and non cryptos tasks right so that's a great way to to start and,

I think there are probably less trading firms that on CJL then Dan like traditional projects but you know I I I would also take a look at.

Trading firms and at hedge funds you know for for junior developer roles as well.

Yeah, there are quite a few funds and exchanges themselves that are higher again, also hiring through through CGL as well. So, do go on a site, check out.

Subscribe to the news that are so you don't miss out whenever the next training firm or change gonna be hiring. Yep there there you go.

Hey, thank you.

Hey next up is Rooney as far as I remember.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey man forget a heavier again. Good to see you. Yeah. Thanks for the support. My my question is about something during interesting in my opinion.

I am a growth hacker and here in my agency we collaborate with some startups in this crypto world.

Here in Brazil and outside the Brazil.

Anyway my question is what is your best perspective on the need of,

For crypto companies to grow with more equality in line with the businesses ideal customer profile,

Other question is and what do you think about the importance of the gruffy marketer.

In the in the 30 generation web companies.

Basically that yeah I you know.

I think that for any type of crypto project the communities is always around Portland and you know we see varying levels of quality you know of.

Committee members and and community managers for us.

We are you know, probably a little bit more on the sophisticated level side, in terms of you know, product. So the type of.

People that.

Join our community. Our, you know, we we have a relatively tight-knit community and the the numbers of,

Community members might not be as high as like some of the like for example like game five type of projects but,

Ultimately, we are here to,

You know just serve the community and I think one of the superpowers of of projects is.

To have the ability for community members to to to be part of something bigger right and that's the type of vision and and.

And the vibe that that we wanna drive to our community is you know you can be part of something bigger right and I think that's a very empowering feeling and and very powerful idea,

So, yeah, community is definitely a very important aspect for us. Yeah, yeah. Thanks so much.

I have one other question more fast what do you think about the experimentation mindset in this company's of crypto and rabbitry.

Yes so like in in web two there's a saying of like,

Move fast break things right I think it's a little bit more difficult to say that in in web three because when you break things like.

People lose money. A lot of money. Yeah. Hence and so

We we we have the saying of you know move fast test a lot and don't break things

Yeah so we we have built we spent a lot of time building a really robust testing infrastructure you know out.

Our integration and integration tests is run through 105 different tests,

Right so it's an automated test that every time we we push a new build it it'll run right.

And then obviously we have auditors that that you know audit all of our new code that we publish but you know auditors are also a little bit of.

Hit it miss yeah that's kind of another story but yeah we we we have built a really robust testing infrastructure such that.

We can that allows us the scaffolding or the safety net to move fast right because without that safety net we wouldn't be confident.

To move fast, right? Because we wouldn't know if our code is safe. So, having had that,

Time to, you know, build things correctly and set things up correctly. You know, allows us to to move quickly. So, that's also one of the really.

Call things that that I feel our our team has done.

Yeah, yeah, okay. Thanks for the answer. Thanks, sweetie for the question. Alright. Who is next?

Run Ranjan I believe.

Hey my question is in crypto industry which coding language you think have more job opportunity even straight all so badly looking into that person.

Who have that skills? Yeah, I think.

Probably you know provide more data points on that. And run some numbers but for us we we write

Our our smart contracts and solidity I think that solidity has probably the.


I mean it's probably easier to find a roll through somebody just by the share number of companies that that are only theorium at all on some EVM.

Chain. But yeah remind you wanna share some insight into that. Yeah definitely. So yeah for blocking development itself a solidities definitely a number one.

Language that is in highest demand and.

By the way it looks right now like every other chain is adopting EVM which is ethereum virtual machine and that means that.

You can run kind of.

The other language is is viper but I think Viper is I think 5% of all contracts that are deployed on.

Only hearing man that are written by her so it's not necessarily the most popular but you know it exists you need to be aware.

Of of it's existence. If you're applying to jazz but you don't necessarily have to code it. See a solidity is definitely number one. I'd say,

You cannot go very far in modern kind of developing world without knowing JavaStrip and type script,

And I think a lot of kind of throw judgement is like number one language by popularity in the world. There's some 10 or 2030, 1 million developers worldwide that by child,

And more and more people starting to write typescript and I think in crypto especially.

You better off starting projects with type strips instead of migrating from jobs to tax groups.

Because well first of all solidity itself and majority of all the blockchains they are strictly typed systems so they bought all the languages to the strictly type so

Having or using type stripped

In addition to to solidity we'll gonna be a huge phosphorus so like you will understand which you know attributes or functions

If you're contract get up except which rivals what are the types of those rivals and I think fortunately I was gonna surprise myself as well.

The quality of tooling, developing these days is pretty, it's pretty good.

I'd say if you're just getting started and you primarily shipping on on or if you're in any other like EVM compatible chain like.

A BSC of a lunch what else is there that is medium compatible.

I think Pantom is an EBM compatible.

Bunch of others you would have to work with with and with tooling like truffle or hard hat.

And there's a lot of a lot of SD case that are written in type script.

If you're wanna be developing encrypto and not necessarily any you can do something more

Advanced if you're working on consensus mechanisms you will probably be writing like notes and I'd say the most grant,

The most popular languages would be go and rust.

Some majority like premature ethering itself their main clients written in rust so there is.

Party party theory node knows there with me in rust.

And the guess I think is like the most popular if you're inclined it is written in go unless something changed that.

Yeah if there are any like salami proponents as far as to remember Salana's small contracts are with me in rust so Russ is getting and gaining more and more popularity.

And Russ is getting a lot of popularity and just general web development. I believe for next year's in in their latest language like Rust Compiler.

Just for the purpose of speed of compilation so.

Yeah hope that answers the question so yeah solidity learn type script.

Those two will take you places.

Thanks, thank you so much. I just lot of information and it will help me out. Thank you so much. Start coding. You know, I think even four things project.

And running them locally is is a great exercise. I just find something that you'll find interesting whether it's.

You know, ERC 20 contracts or or NFT contracts.

You will end that you know just stories preventing or like look into existing projects there are deployed unchained try to understand what.

What the contract does and how it operates and just experiments with it.

Is it good to use a local host instead of can we use a cloud service or something like that? For what specifically.

Specifically to run any any crypto related platforms. Right. So, I mean, local host is something you use locally a cloud as when you deploy something to production or if you have a staging environment.

Mm hmm. Thank you so much. Sure. Thanks so much for the question. Alright. Who was next?

And by the way before we before we proceed to the next person how much time do you think we still have left 2030 minutes.

It's been almost 2 hours. Yeah, I, you know, I, I think,

Next 20 minutes should be five. Yeah. And I'm still waiting. I'm still looking forward to your question. I had to ask me. At this stage, I've already forgotten about it. Oh my god. I told it to write it down, sir. Nice. That's all good. Okay, okay. Who was next? Did we, did we, how are we feeling? We also didji.

Mister Deji. If I'm pronouncing it incorrectly.

Okay, thanks. Thanks for having me at her. Simply dig his fine because I noticed it produced me as mister Daiji. Alright.

I'm really glad to be here to listen to all the discussion I just wanted to quickly get some insights from

Are people from script I think recently there's been this narrative of the fire 1.00 and the 52.00 I want to know.


Problems that the intensive saw visit aligning more to defy 1.00 or is there lining more to defy 2.00,

If you understand what I mean, then secondly,

If if you tend to be more of a defy 2.00 project because I know that if I took .00 is more about compositability and other and collaboration so which other projects do you think.

Oh do you currently collaborate with in achieving a,

A common goal. So those are the two I main questions I have the third one is to also find out if there are any non,

Technical take for example business development marketing research double portions are available at strips finals thank you very much.

Yeah, thanks for the question. So,

I I think where we position ourselves is definitely in the defy 2.00 category because we are building

Derivatives and and and products on top of the existing infrastructure that exist in if I 1.00 so without D five one point if I show you like are they compound.

Hey these landing protocols that allow people to borrow and land then there wouldn't be a need to have an interest rate market

Right. So, we we are definitely building on top of that foundation and and you know, we are at the of that. So, you know, I would classify strips as you know, very clearly in the defy 2.00 cap

And on on our hiring, you know, we,

Are you know looking for community managers and an ambassadors right now most of the business development is being handled by myself and

You know, we have been also discussing partnerships with Dfive Lending protocols, because given that we are.

Built on top of the foundation of defy 1.00 it makes a lot of sense for you know for us to

Integrate with them or for them to integrate with us and you know in addition to defy protocols we also have discussions with a lot of.

Billions of dollars of AUM so you know that's definitely something that that we have been actively,

Pursuing for sure.

Thank you. Thank you. I've got a quick question for Daji by the way.

So don't don't leave them my yeah for for now as far as I said you're from Lagas right from from Nigeria I'm very curious what's going on there in terms of.

Alright can I text CNN we do see a lot of people from Nigeria could have applied to jobs but sometimes they also like complete the qualities very variable sometimes people like rare sometimes.

The talent is a bit too spammy what can you like tell us about Nigeria and the crypto scene there in vaccine and talent.

In 5 minutes.

Oh, that's a, that's a huge one. Alright. Of course, Nigeria is is the largest black race.

In the world and it has a high number of youth so you can expect that there is gonna be a lot of talents in the country so we and a lot of the youths some of them are self taught some of them have gone through,

Formal education to especially in tech and and,

Nathan technology so you find a lot of Nigerian young people who are developers who are and you've had companies like they're quite the number of them now that have helped in,

Grooming a lot of developers over the years analyze one of them as groomed by 10 thousand or more.

Nigerian developer so and also in the crypto space a lot of young Nigerians have very very,

Informed about all that is going on in crypto departs with actively and even though we have a lot of government restrictions people find ways to succumbence,

This restrictions to participate in the crypto space even Nigerians are coming up with their own projects now so,

Don't be surprised that you might encounter a few projects here and there and I initiated completely by Nigerians so it's really bubbling of course I won't say that,

The quality is top notch is high is is high but not we're still learning we're still pulling ourselves by the bootstraps that's that's it in 5 minutes.

Awesome thanks so much for his insights I'm definitely very interested to like probably learn more maybe we'll we'll create like a Nigeria dedicated room at some point.

I think the interesting thing like in the west I think there was this kind of.

Notion that, you know, Nigerian Prince, letters, and a lot of scams that are coming from the country, but I'm pretty sure you know, every single country has a lot of great talent.

No matter no matter what the stereotypes say so I'm just very curious to reach out and connect with more,

Kind of legitimate and you know high quality talent in Nigeria and like learn more about the leading projects and leading kind of maybe universities evening and in the country.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Twitter is a lot of it's a good place to find out a lot about

Quality Nigerian talents linked in is also a good place to find them of course those those emails don't come from Nigerians alone some people,

Possumates us Nigerians to claim that they are a Nigerian prince somewhere and all that

The whole day so just everyone has to be careful of the world this is is we all know that but if you are able to.

Process the signal from the noise you find a lot of high quality Nigerian talents absolutely right thanks so much for this insight.

Think we're gonna be wrapping up I'm still hoping to get this you know great question from from Ming that he had if he if he's still a member.

Maybe next time. Yeah. Sure. I can't remember what my my original question was but show me show we get one more question from the audience. We have like one last yeah let's do it. Alright sure. Let's do.

Let's go. Alright.

Hello, sir. Please introduce yourself. Send car, Sankara. Guys, can you hear? Yep.

Yeah, thank you. I'm getting you to the crypto and this is my first car but still I participated in the trips.

Finance idea in the couple of months back but it's fine. Maybe I thought that it's a new concept in Christ to the team.

Too hot. They're going to take a pin to the next level. That's fine. But just suddenly it's maybe I I don't know whether I can ask this question or not. Suddenly day before yesterday or something I seen in the market that is a one more.

Company it's called Finance is going to list down in the crypto market how you guys can manage it this type of similar names.

How it's going to affect you guys on it. Can you prefer them please.

Hi do you mean competitors in the market.

I don't exactly miss.

They are going to list down in the crypto market. Oh, I see. Yeah. So, it's kind of funny because.

The the company that that you mentioned has a very similar name to us and when they started they actually sent emails to some of our investors

With a pitchback that look very similar to us. Right. And look very similar to our pitchback with the same ideas. You know same diagrams and,

No same terminology which is

Kind of interesting if it was just a coincidence and also there are website also said in straight swaps right but.

You know I I found out because one of our messages sent forward me that email right and and obviously you know they they try to warn me and you know the the investor didn't,

Invest in them obviously. But it's it's it's it's IT issue.

That's we're dealing with at the moment. We have you know, we have gotten lawyers. To prepare a case. Against that because

You know it's it's very obvious that they were copying our idea and copying our name but you know kind of one area of.

That that is funny is that initially they wanted to copy our idea of building it straight swaps and then on our initial white paper we mentioned about NFTs right.

And then they they included NFTs into their website as well.

And then probably subsequently they they were talking to investors trying to raise funds that you know investors probably knew that they didn't know what they were talking about because interest rate swaps is is a very difficult,

Been to to understand,

Enter even explain, right? And so, afterwards, they pivoted, they are website and pivoted their idea to to become a NFT.

Exchange or or something like that. Anyway, I I'm not 100% clear on what what they're doing now. But I'm not.

Superword, you know, we have our lawyers working on it. You know, this is legal issue and IP.

But yeah we're we're not worried because.

It's a difficult thing to do what we're doing right and even if they steal our code I I don't think they they would be successful because it takes more than just,

The code to to run a good exchange and to run a good defy project so.

You know like I mentioned earlier out our business mode is not our product is not our code our business mode and our advantage is our team.

And our speed of innovation right and as long as we have.

Really great team. Really great people. And as long as our speed of iteration and innovation is faster than anyone else.

We are always going to come out on top. So there's no point worrying about other people. Damn no problem.

Thanks so much for the question. I think we'll warm be taken any more questions. It's been almost 2 hours. And yeah thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you man for answering all the questions.

I think this is definitely the the most amount of alpha I've heard this week. That's for sure. No problem.

It's been a pleasure and thanks for having me and yeah thanks to everyone for asking their questions and I hope that you know I I was able to answer them and I think you know that let's do this again soon I really enjoyed it.

Sure we'll try to do this more often and we'll definitely get to have you guys again.

Perhaps in a I guess a in a few months or you know when will I get have a bear market it's gonna be interesting as well I think you know that market sooner or later comes.

And when we'll least expect it. Yeah and I think that's gonna be very interesting to hear your perspective in a few months.

Thanks so much. Alright, thanks everyone. Once again, we're gonna be doing these weekly about the same time every week and and let's.

Something else changes. Maybe we'll do this even more often.

But yeah, and we are, by the way, we are trying to transcribe these arting, you know, these spaces, and we are also like posting them on.

A few podcast feeds. So, the podcast right now is called working crypto. I think most of the podcasting platforms should be adding it in this week. So, please subscribe, please read us, please follow.

Alright have a good have a good evening or the rest of the day depending on your time zone you guys are on. Thank you. Thanks. Bye.

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