Alpaca Finance 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Leveraged Yield Farming 🚜 on BSC

A chat with James from Alpaca Finance about DeFi & yield farming on BSC, their team, work culture and what they look for in new hires & community members!

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Yup can you hear me awesome yeah you're sound as great you sounded great,

Hey Facebook yeah good good yourself. Yeah doing well. Making sure that everything is stable today and we're getting more people to dial in,

Awesome. I think we got quite a quite a few. I think we have many right now. 21. Awesome. I think it's a good start.

Sure. Cool. So yeah we have a jeans with us. Had a video and as far as send us them talent as well. At Alpaca Finance. Sir, can you introduce yourself and I'll pack a finance as well too. I wanna hear.

Yeah, of course. Lauren, thanks for helping me. So as you said, I'm head of business development I'll pack a finance and so,

For those who don't know what we do we're basically with a largest lending protocol,

That allows leverage yield farming on finance smart chain. Right? So,

Hey wise and we offer.

Underclassualized loans for leverage your bank positions. So yeah. Been going for about 6 months.

Awesome 6 month that news you guys started in 30 or 9 months now it's a time please

Yeah. It's crazy. Cool. So okay it's interesting. I'm BSC. I think a lot of

Projects these days are moving to other chains with less gas which is

Matter of fact, I guess. Yeah, I mean, for sure, that was like the predominant reason as to why we chose

BSC originally I mean obviously since we,

We set up there have been other change that have kinda come in and and started adopting a similar sort of mechanism around,

Around the sort of lower gas et cetera et cetera and they've been getting some success so Salana,

Avalanche et cetera et cetera but sort of BSC was kind of the first one to really really start adapting defy protocols.

Yeah so as far as I understand your your not really kind of from day oh with the team but he joined a little bit,

Later in how did that how did that happen yes so the guys I think it was like they started it around sort of,

No, the start of the year, basically, around February, March time. And I joined a couple of months later. So I was working.

As a director of Instagram and for the Tesla spot chain before this which was super interesting like it was.

It was interesting to kind of build out the infrastructure for for a blockchain. But I kinda wanted to move things to the up layer cuz you can kinda get more done in smoother amounts of time. And,

Hey got in contact actually I think it was actually via via crypto jobs listed if I'm not mistaken right okay.

Awesome. I didn't know that. Yeah. Yeah. She's thinking about it. I'm pretty sure it was. Okay.

Didn't expect that coming. That that's good news. That's good news. Okay. So like at the time where you were I mean like I've been using this thing. Interesting point to understand. It's like you're already been in crypto quiet. Quite some time. I think I just wanna ask you like,

When you were at what point do you move from the traditional,

Industry intercrypto how was that transition for everyone who's listening here who can have not yet working full time and just wanna join his face.

Yeah, sure. So, I would say it's it's a lot easier now than it was when I could have made the move over so I was in traditional finance.

Trading and sales for for almost 10 years. And,

During sort of my last few years of working in the the finance space.

One of my clients actually was starting to to mine bitcoin in the office right so this was back in like 2012 2013 I guess,

And so he started speaking to me about Bitcoin then I did a little bit of research and then got involved with if theory I'm doing the ICO phase at this point I was still working in.

In traditional finance but it was kind of designed to take more and more of my time.

And so I actually set up a company in the the crypto space which was,

Honestly at that time one of the only real ways to get into the industry like it wasn't like hiring massively back in 2015.

So I set up a company which worked as a consultant see and it also,

It did sort of OTC progress trades. And I was working because I had experience in derivatives. I was there looking to sort of build a drought as platform,

In the crypto space and so that's those are my sort of early steps.

What I would say is now it's a completely different environment for people who are in sort of finance or law or anything else to to get into crypto I think that,

There are a lot more avenues to do so I mean such as crypto jobs there and other methods.

And people are a lot more knowledgeable now. There's a lot more information out there. And so I always urge people to to take the blunt I think the.

What we've shown over the last 3 to 4 years is the crypto isn't like a passing thread there's a lot of stuff being built and some of the smartest minds out there are coming into the industry at the moment,

Yeah I think a few years ago people were still not sure whether you can build a career out of it but it was way more doubt around it,

And I think right now it's definitely

I think it's a solid career path with Hughes growth opportunities probably people will see a completely different thing in a few months we know Bear Market but I think right now there are things Rosie,

Well, I think that's what was interesting, right? Is that the previous bear market basically the.

I mean I wouldn't say we we fell into a bear market this year at all but even when the market sort of moved down for a period of time,

Even though people are pessimistic from a sort of trading perspective

Like building was still going on and hiring were still going on I joined Outback the basicly during a massive downtime right so it's it's,

I think they're basically protocols are looking at sort of the long term now. And I think that's a good way to to kind of.

Look at which project to join is where they building during periods of downtown where they communicating still with that communities because I think that that demonstrates that

Is my job still gonna be around in that sort of six to 12 to 18 month downturn? they did think those are sort of important questions to answer and you can kinda look at.

At one projects have done during these sort of like bar markets just sort of see which ones are worth worth applying to.

Definitely yeah I myself always been recommending people to and kind of pushing that bear market is the best time to hire,

But it's also the best time to to find a job as well.

Because all the noise is is no longer there. It's, it's mainly action that people who apply for those positions. Are the ones who are here for the long term, and not didn't learn about crypto yesterday. So, to say,

Yeah 100% 100% tiger one of the first three people five people in the company and what's the team size right now and how fast have you guys grown in terms of a head account.

Yeah so I obviously are dev team is is,

Hey 15 people anyone time working on.

On the array of products that we have coming to market. In terms of the commercial side of the team so we have,

Ahead of strategy. We have myself had a business development. We have ahead of institutional growth who's looking at the institutional product that we're looking to launch. And then we have a whole business development team.

Which is sort of like regional business development managers. And we have.

Seven of those at the moment. So yeah I mean I guess we have sort of 10 people on the commercial team.

We have quite a lot of part time sort of helpers, mods, et cetera for community management. And then we have like a very significant death team.

Amazing. You guys actually larger there. That way I anticipate it. Cool. Are you guys like all the remote or is are you guys more than a consultator around certain location?

Hey Facebook fully remote. So I myself until between London and Lisbon.

Oh I had a institutional growth is in Canada the rest of the team it kind of scattered around Asia sort of US time zones so yeah that we're we're scanned everywhere,

Call how is define it's more challenging to do communication across all these time zones compared to your previous previous roles that you held in other companies.

Yeah, I mean, I'm not gonna lie. There are definitely challenges around remote work. But I think that if you set your kind of expectations out. And there's a sort of coherent message,

And kind of a system whereby people can demonstrate what they're doing. Then I we've made it work for us. It involves,

a couple of sort of CRMs and very good communication through sort of messaging and stuff but there's possible it just takes a bit of time to own,

Can you mention any like specific tricks and and tips, tips, and tricks that you've like incorporated successfully?

Yeah, I mean like CRM was a big thing for us, right? Because we're we have so many partnerships with different.

Different sort of projects on on BSC and and other places that we have.

Eight different people that are speaking to these projects that anyone time and so we have to make sure that there's a functioning CRM that is being updated.

Multiple times per day right otherwise this kind of stuff doesn't doesn't function you end up doubling up then and having multiple people approaching the same projects and I think even on the products side it helps to communicate.

What's going on on the product side in terms of timeline, in terms of road map, etcetera with the rest of the team when you have a functioning CRM. that way, you don't need to have a phone call for everything which is I think.

Somewhere where a lot of companies.

Make a mistake is that they feel as though a Zoom call or meet school like has to happen for every single subject and and that isn't the case and it's kind of a waste of time most of the most of the time,

I would say if you have a functioning CRM that that multiple people are managing then it's probably the most efficient way to go.

Awesome. Do you mind sharing what's your favorite Sarah so far? There's so many on the market.

Yeah so so we use Hobspot and we use Pipe Dr but there are there are a lot of them that do sort of similar job and more marketing some are more sales,

For us we found a good,

Works best. Interesting. I think it's actually very very interesting to hear that a crypto company a defy company is,

It was so reliable this year. I think a lot of people would expect a sales organization to be relied on CRM and.

If working with it heavily but,

Kind of doesn't make sense for partnerships to manage all these partners. Yeah, for sure and I think a lot of it is partnered management but I think it's also communication, right? Again, it's that kind of thing of.

As the team expands the you can't.

You can't keep track of what's going I mean I have maybe over a 1000 telegram

Hey creation of photos and stuff that you have like it's some point it just gets overwhelming and

You need that to be something else out there so that if you need to find something that somebody else in the team has done quickly then you can just go straight into the,

Play drive for orton so the sea where they are with that but of course that there's the challenge web,

By people have to make sure that it's updated continuously, right? So, takes a bit of a discipline.

Yeah. It takes time but we've got that. Cool. Do you guys do any like we could calls or like weekly structured sink ups between everyone and the team or every organization,

Yeah so we have sort of we have different types of course so we have so the senior team does regular calls the BD team so I have to manage I manage this so that the regional BD managers,

And so we have regular calls individual one on one and also as a team I think that it's important that you do have a time whereby questions can be answered and sort of

You have a solid hour where people can ask anything that that they want. But then,

I think that you kinda wanna limit it to the to sort of beers.

Hey profile course cos otherwise as I said I've been in organizations where I remote work has been tedious cos it's just been,

Individual Zoom calls from 7 AM till 10 PM.

And then nothing really gets it done. Just talking about doing things.

How do you like going I mean it sounds like you guys have already quite a bit of structure we should which is great do you have a quite a few processes set up around hiring.

Yeah so, a big part of of that is is my job on the on the deaf side edit them team kind of does that in out,

But when it comes to the commercial side of the business we definitely are looking to expand and so.

it's kind of I'd say a hiring in crypto is is.

It's become a lot easier but it's also actually put this in a lot of other industries you don't have people applying.

Who don't have the required skill set, right? So, if you're looking for a an economist, right? You're not gonna get some guy who.

Has never done anything in economics applying for it. Right? Whereas in crypto there is a danger of,

people thinking because they've done a little bit of trading on the side for a week that they can they can take a high profile crypto job in in a lot of the time that that isn't the case so,

There are challenges around sort of filtering.

But I think that we're very early and so it's there's a long way to go and I think the the company such as,

Crypto jobs listed doing.

Hey I find that it's easier to hire from a place that cryptojobs exist than it is somewhere like LinkedIn right you tend to get a.

You tend to get a more informed type of candidate than you do from some of the the broader websites.

Yeah, 100%. Trying all about here. Do you have any like specific process or like questions you pay your questions that you you tend to ask to kinda understand the level of a candidate?

Yeah, I mean when when we want to highlight for example, I recently hired a couple of regional BDs and.

Hey that they have been engaged in crypto,

Themselves, right? I don't, I think conceptual crypto is one of these things that you need to have. You need to avoid the wall before you really understand.

How a lot of these protocols function. So one of the first things I ask people generally is to kind of walk me through,

Hey haven't gone to the travel of actually using these primitives. Then.

that that that tends to demonstrate that they're not going to have.

Hey that they probably aren't as interested as what they're making out. Be the that they are actually.

It's gonna be difficult for them to adjust to to a role at a fight,

Right so you have a lot of people who have traded cryptocurrencies since 2017 2016 but have never actually engaged with a D five protocol ever,

Right and and I would much rather have someone who's been in crypto for.

It's 3 months but it's like gonna complete deep dive and and understand how these protocols function than someone who's been enriched over 4 years but just sort of,

Creating an investing. So, I asked a lot of questions around sort of the practicalities of lending protocols in particular,

Call and do you ask this question for premature any position in the company or specifically for like BD and kind of more financing positions.

I would say if you're joining a D five protocol such as us whatever your position even fits in in marketing that you should.

Even just from a from a perspective of demonstrating interest in D high. You should have at least had some experience there. So I think that the questions are kind of relevant.

I I relevant for for any job. That doesn't mean that I'm expecting people to be able to like.

Code in front of me, right? Because of all of that stuff is just relevant. I can't code myself. But I wanna see that there is.

A deep level of interest in and sort of what's going on in the D five landscape. Right? Because that that hearts back to something that I truly believe which is the,

Yeah, 100%. Do you do you look at any other like signs or proxy proxy signs that they're competent? I don't know like maybe blot posts or some other kind of more tangible.

Science of their engagement in crypto. If they are freezable not able to express it like verbally. Yeah I mean like there are certain things that,

they get if they show me that they've been.

I don't know putting up interesting Twitter content or read it content or blog posts and things like that then that's always going to.

if they if they put that on their CV.

And I take a look at it and it seems like it's informed and it seems like it it's coming from a base of interest and make sure that that's 100% going to help,

I'm not asking them to be like incredibly articulate around it's difficult right if someone asks you even some of the best questions like what,

What is bitcoin? What is the store value? What is the ethereum? What is layer one? What is layer two? A difficult to articulate, right? Which is,

Which is why I think it's easier to explain through.

Through the process of actually using certain protocols right is then you I find that you're able to articulate it via the techniques that you used rather than from sort of just concepts that you've read.

Air, do you have, have you ever, you've looked at a bunch of resumes so far and you're pretty active on Twitter, have you developed any like pet peeves about what people do like what people should not say or write on their resume.

Well, yeah, I mean, I have one major one but I think that this is probably across the board for every single industry which is the people who.

Or message or however they want to structure it. Who just write.

A couple of lines like that's never.

I mean that will never ever ever cross most people's desks right I mean you we get.

Hundreds of of applicants and they kinda wanna see you especially in like CVs relatively important but encrypto probably less so than in traditional markets.

The the cover letter in particular allows us to kinda see.

Why is this man or woman interested in cryptocurrency? What have they done?

Like what are they interested in and particular what protocols have they been researching what are there thought processes around crypto where do they think the crypto market is going like all of these kinds of things are things that they should be,

Putting in that cover letter right because it it's it's gotta be your pitch as to why someone,

Should be interviewing right and most of the time is TV isn't gonna demonstrate anything because it's gonna be completely outside of the crypto market. It's already maybe that have had one year's experience in crypto but that's usually a max,

So the cover letter is where you can really demonstrate your your thoughts and your knowledge and your interest.

100%. Yeah, I've heard the founder of Dean Dinner, Letics complaining about someone putting on their resume,

Or in their application like that something very far yeah I believe in the centralisation

like I think the crypto is gonna save the world. All this kind of stuff. But it's like okay that's the that's great. But you gotta explain to me why you think that and.

And it needs to be coming from a place of actual research and interest as opposed to just a sound bite,

I think a lot of people who are enjoying this space. I think that it's so many misconceptions. Like I think a lot of people think that he only need to be technical. Which is 100% not true. There are a lot of like non second compositions. And I think I don't think that people think is that,

Everyone's gonna get higher just because it's early.

But I think it's certain ways to certain parts of crypto is very mature. A lot of mature companies that look very full various sophisticated talent.

And hide on Bitcoin is the future cryptos, the future of about three, whatever. Is is no longer is no longer sufficient to be to be accepted on board.

Yeah, for sure. And and like, again, like, as you said, first, we don't need to be like highly technical. You just need to show an interest in and so.

I always say there's people who suffer for 2 or 3 months reading some of the research reports whether it be the block Masari,

And who have actually used these protocols.

Most of the time are gonna like have a really really good chance of getting a job. because like they're gonna have.

Performed actual opinions that that come from an informed place. As opposed to.

Yeah sort of like when moon kind of like let me let me just buy the whatever token is is doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment and like.

Even though it is a new industry and it is slightly different to the traditional markets like you should be approaching it in the same way which is if you're gonna apply for an investment management job,

you've probably done some research on

companies that you like and to earn investments that you like and have a thesis behind to review your investment theories the same for group two,

So in addition to kind of questions that help you understand where the person is has the right skills do you interview for that culture fit specifically for all type of finance.

Is there is there some trades that make a UK yeah I mean.

I don't do like I guess like a culture a cultural interview is such but.

you on the first screen you you're gonna you're gonna know whether they're gonna be.

We have people from.

Like around the world like all working on the same team with that come from different cultures that that have different temperaments that have different ways of working,

There are certain sort of non negotiables and and like that's

Seeing whether they have a strong work ethic, strong in traffic, etcetera etcetera. I think those things are more important than.

Then sort of cultural cultural questions although of course like if the person is like.

Very, very confrontational or something like that, then that's probably not gonna work, right? But aside from that, we're pretty open to different backgrounds.

Do you guys have a probation period or like some period to sit there or not? Yeah, I mean it depends on your job. So, the way it works with our regional BDs. We tend to at first bring them on,

Part time.

Because like we need to the the proof is kind of in the pudding with them it's it's we see whether they can.

Resonate with their communities whether they can do a good job whether they a working art and and we generally move them to full time pretty quickly if they show that they're doing a good job.

When it comes to sort of the other roles yeah we have.

Preparation repair generally photos. 1 to 2 months.

But crypto is kind of probationary period doesn't really mean a great deal right cos most people who work in crypto.

Hey a crypto company wanted to get rid of them they could get rid of them with with a probation period or without relavation remote most of the time it's like beenonymous so it's kind of more just for contractual,

Reasons than anything else. But I don't think it makes a difference.

I see yeah I feel my experience hiring and looking at other companies I found that having certain probation period helps kind of maybe set expectations or,

I don't know I think it's something about it that clears additional psychology and expectations that certain things needs to be performed within that period of time,

I don't know that that's my take. Yeah, I mean, so we work with with sort of targets. So, I always with the people that work.

In the BD team, I'm always I try and give sort of targets, milestones, etcetera. Make sure that that we're on track, we have individual calls, one on one calls.

So that there's always.

This sort of layer of communication that's telling them what we expect of them whether they're doing well whether they're we need improvement somewhere.

Communication has to be the the way forward when it comes to that. I don't I don't necessarily think that.

Changing things in the contract is gonna help that much like one thing I would say about our packer and particulars I think that would probably the most narrative.

Organisation in the whole space like you can exactly what you're going to earn as a BD professional.

At the end of sort of a two-week period or a four-week period depending on what you've done during that period, right? So, it's it's very trackable. It's very measurable. And it's entirely marriage practice.

Cool. Do you have a specific person in organization who comes up with all the KPIs and kind of the seller compensation structure.

So that will be 30 minutes probably that's myself ahead of strategy and I had a product that kind of,

we check in with each other sort of every month or so when it comes to to setting these KPIs cos they may change over time according to sort of,

Products that we've introduced or anything like that. We try and we try and give as many potential routes for for our beauties to make money as possible,

And so we we ensure that there's always a very transparent marriage party process,

Interesting. Quite quite impressive. I think a lot of probably major companies in crypto or companies in device specifically they're probably not as organized not instructors as you guys.

List compared to those that I spoke into so far. Interesting.

Is there like a specific like dude payout like a commission or percentage of BD deals that he close or if you can disclose that.

Yeah we're going to specific details but yeah we we have different partnerships that we can include any type of sort of,

I would communication that it gets more eyes on alpaca,

all of these individual things I kinda could be like in exchange this thing it could be we have.

We have a couple of really sort of powerful partnership schemes so that we do grazing ranges and and we add leverage to people's farms on on pancake squad and,

all of these different things are ways for for our BD professionals to to make bonuses right and so.

They know exactly what they're gonna get at the end of the month and I always say like as someone who comes from.

From market finance that was something that was really important to me it's why I enter the industry because I I had a lot of friends that were in.

Arenas where they would get sort of discretionary bonuses and no one really knows what a discretionary bonus involves. it's just how your boss is feeding on the day where they have to set bonuses out.

Which isn't what I'm interested in so we definitely wanted to model it a little more after sort of what it is in in market finance,

Awesome. Just think. Slightly a different question. I think a lot of companies so far had a mixed response to it. So you did mention that that you have quite a few. I know it's on the team.

So I did typically ask if like why are you so busy? Are you guys comfortable? Hiring an arms and the part that you guys did.

What is the experience like and have you been hiring like any anonymous continuous lately? So,

We actually haven't hired any though so so our team is is actually mostly anonymous if you include the development team.

So the whole development team is anonymous are ahead of strategy and I had a product earners.

No we don't.

Like it hasn't caused any difficulties in terms of communication and so I don't think that we would be against.

Firing anonymous.

People in different areas what I would say is in areas such as business development is a little bit harder right because a lot of the time you need to get your face out there you need to be doing.

Comes work, media work, going to conferences, etcetera, etcetera. So, for a BD role,

Like anonymous is probably not the way to go but in other sort of areas especially this sort of the the techia areas I would say that,

Anonymous poses no problems at all. Awesome.

Interesting points. What would you say are like the most like lacking skills right now that are gonna absent in in the space and that you guys yourself are looking for?

Yeah so instead of hogs back in a little bit to what I was saying before it's it's the.

It seems very just this sort of a lack of people.

That have that have actual genuine experience in engaging with cryptography protocols which is.

Stunning when you think about it right if people are applying to a job,

And they haven't actually used many of these things before.

But that is the case, right? People think that BDN crypto for example is the same as BDM.

It's not just a case of selling a piece of software or or setting something else. It's,

It's entirely different and you need to have ongoing conversations with very smart people from different protocols who are going to expect you to have.

I sort of a wealth of knowledge of key cryptocurrency.

Primitives and protocols right and so what I would say is that that is something that really really I just.

Just tell people like don't just apply just because there's a job out there and you're kind of a little bit unsatisfied in your job.

Just take 3 to 6 months.

To do some deep research deep breathing my going use these protocols and then,

Reply afterwards in your your percentage chance of getting the job will go from oh to like 5060 70%.

In the past where your heart so I'd be more junior,

Who has potential bird like maybe not not there yet and kind of had held them a little bit to the to the like the level that you expected,

No I would say that most of the example the regional BDs that have come in have come in.

Not knowing like a really deep, deep, deep amount. About sort of celebrity old farming and stuff and so it's involved that we have a.

I said whenever a new business development person comes in I will,

Spend a lot of time with them demonstrating exactly what we do we have regular sessions where junior members of staff can ask.

Technical questions to myself to to the product team to I had a strategy,

And we we do that so the people can get up to scratch relatively quickly right with me it's I'm not expecting people to have like a complete developed understanding of all the different,

Strategies that can be used on on alpaca for example it's just it's just a demonstration of interest in the device basis at home.

That we're looking for and you'd be surprised how many people apply without having that.

And outside of BD are there any other roles that you guys can desperately trying to feel right now.

Yeah I mean we're looking at people potentially in marketing.

So at the moment one of the like the on head of strategy is also ahead of marketing at the moment. Now he's a very smart guy and he's able to sort of put both.

Both caps on at once but.

We are looking to separate the two rows and his his key role is his head of strategy, right? So we are potentially looking to bring someone in on the marketing side.

That we're still through going backwards and forwards on that at the moment. In terms of BD we're looking for a global BD manager at the moment.

Just basically below me and who will be helping.

Create value for for the organization as a whole. It would involve sort of dealing with a lot of the inbounds that we get in partnership, work, some media works, some conference work.

Communications, stuff, maybe a little bit of management of some of the regional BBs as well.

So that I would say that that's our most pressing hour at the moment. We have interviewed if you candidates we we haven't.

We haven't found exactly what we're looking for at the moment but that is something that we're actively hiring for.

Call and when it comes to marketing you feel you guys gonna be looking for like a CMO level person right away or someone maybe need or could have more junior.

Yeah that's kind of what we're debating at the moment. We don't know whether to sort of promote someone from within to take that role.

And then sort of bring someone on further junior level or whether we want to actually hire the for for the full sort of head of marketing role that something that will probably have settled by by next week at some point.

Cool. Cool. Do you see you guys already? I see me already have like a solid community manager and copywriters, content writers, technical contextian.

Yeah I mean we have we have most of that sorted we are looking.

Again, back on the BD side, we are also looking for regional BD's potentially that are China focused and that sort of hispanic focus so so Spanish speakers.

That something that.

Again like we'll probably be posting relatively soon. Of I said our first port of course for that group will be the manager role. It's something that we've been looking to hire for a while.

But yeah the marketing and the regional BDs are another thing and then potentially like on the community side like we always want people but that sort of like a lot of the time it's more of an organic process it's people that have,

That come into our discords and the help people in the discord and we see that they're doing a good job sort of helping people and so we bring them on,

like that's another this is something else that I would say to people.

If you get involved with a specific community like a lot of the time though end up hiring you like it is like most of these communities have so much work on.

That they're not able sometimes to serve their communities as well as they would have liked and if they see somebody in the discord chat,

Helping out then you have a great chance so.

Of getting a job with them right it's it's it shows initiative it shows that you're working hard it shows that you understand the protocol I would say that that's like AA really really good way to get in so it's especially at the junior level.

Awesome 100%,

Yeah, I think from my end, I think I asked most of the questions that I, that I was like planning to, to ask. Is there anything that you feel I should have asked that I haven't asked?

Before we open up the deploy to everyone else to ask questions. No it's I don't think so. I think we covered most of the.

Those sort of the hiring practices and kind of the things that I think are key particularly in Messenger so yeah I'm happy to to answer any questions that people may have

Awesome. Alright. Right everyone. Please raise your hand if you have a question. So make sure you have a question.

Alright. We have one request. There we go.

Good day, sir. How are you doing? Triggered Indian. I think you were, yeah, you're wrong.

Okay hi thank you so much for such an informative session and I wanted to ask you,

That every community has its own working style and environment and has its own way of having fun. And I also get asked this quite a lot. How is it?

To how does it feel to work in a blockchain company? So, how would you say what does it feel like to work in your community sir?

Yeah, good question. So, as someone who has worked in.

In probably the most traditional industry in the world which is like working on a market floor where,

you have 100 people working around you at a desk and then suddenly.

I'm entirely remote working with people from around the world.

I agree that each sort of company has its own way of doing things. One thing I would say is that.

There was sort of an adjustment period where I had to make sure that my.

Sort of my my management skills in my organisational skills were up to scratch right and there's something that.

when you work remotely and when you work at a camp at a company which is creating products at like such an insanely fast pace you can kind of get a little bit lost at the start.

And I think the especially alpaca we have some of the most like understanding,

Senior team that the I have ever known really they get the the at the start will help you,

You can answer you can ask any question I mean genuinely any question is that they they want you to ask all the

The the dumbest questions you possibly can right at the start so that you're able to to to feel confident sort of moving forwards and I think that.

That's part of the ethos that I'm trying to to perpetuate and I try and help junior staff as much as possible and I think that

In a remote atmosphere you you have to have that kind of environment because otherwise if people are scared to ask questions,

And their remote so they'd they can't even ask people sort of in secret in the office somewhere like,

That's just that's just a cause for trouble so I think that being very accommodating with your time is is one of the most important things and I think that we have that environment alpaca.

Wow, that is, that is great to hear. And this one last question. So, as I was talking to many people around, I found out that most of these people they have insane,

Amounts of Photoshop skills or memes and and as I heard that you were looking to expand your B reason to China are you also looking to expand it into India because right now we have,

Quite a lot of surplus in offer people so they may be useful,

For your marketing team if So, yeah, that was just my question. And thank you so much so far this opportunity.

Hey so,

We actually did have someone who is helping us on the the Indian sides for a while that would have been about sort of 4 or 5 months ago I guess then obviously

The Indian market got a little bit difficult what was some of sort of the the government stance towards tourists and,

We were having a little bit of difficulty with sort of the communications campaigns that we wanted to to put out there. But it does seem like that there is like a real concerted effort,

By sort of the Indian population to to be a big part of this this cryptocurrency revolution so it it is something that,

That we're always looking at and I would always encourage candidates from.

Any country to to apply we mentioned China and Hispanic.

But that's not the only type of people that we're looking to hire right like those are just sort of two pressing needs that we have right now but we're open to to many different many different nationalities.

Okay. Thank you so much sir. It's a pleasure talking to you.

Do you have any candidates? Thank you sir.

Thanks man for the questions this far. You've been super active and on crypto jobs this fall. I'm following and repeating a lot of content. Which is amazing. Thanks man for the questions.

I think it was a good question by the way James who's the best photo shop right alpaca.

Who's responsible for all the falling ins yeah I mean so we we have,

A lot of us sort of discord community guys a very good at that we have AA guy with Brian who helps us but we also,

We also have some of the best artwork out there. And like some of the old backer artwork that,

Some of the guys produces it's pretty cool it's pretty special.

Yeah hope I got a super cute array we have a question from Vignash,

Yeah hey James so you said that like like you have like an arms and you have like people from a lot of different countries so,

And you also did say that you you are extensively so,

I didn't see it I'm like how do you guys usually get insane and get stuff done yes so,

we obviously it.

Hey it's always a challenge right so we use the same tools that most people do so obviously telegram with like,

I don't even know how many folders that I have up but we try and we try and collaborate on those things so that everyone has kind of the same folder set up and,

It's easy for us to well it's it's difficult for us to miss when when someone is contacting us.

We try and keep regular group calls we try and do individual calls by the when it's required or honest so it weekly basis.

different people require different levels of.

Of communication, right? So, we try and play it by air most of the time. like some people prefer to just.

They have a list of stuff that they wanna get on with. They understand entirely what it is they wanna do and they.

They just crack on with it and we touch base once every week and we communicate via Telegram. Others require.

More constant communication and and we we we're at a size still where that is where that is possible.

The reason that the CRM is so important is because we think that we are going to grow pretty considerably overtime and we have,

Some products coming up like we just recently did our NFT sale that's gonna be leading to a place where and game we have a whole institutional side of the business that we're building out we've just built our own,

Finalizing our own stable coin. Like there's a lot of different products that are coming out.

And so we've invited the team growing quite a lot and so the CRM is basically to make sure that when.

Teams kind of expand a little and we can't have this sort of.

More constant communication that we do now that at least we have sort of backup tools but yeah I mean it's it's always a challenge as soon as you're remote or you have sort of significant anonymous.

Members of staff. And okay. And one more question and I put it for that.

Anything like that as well for for all the parts of the team.

We use tradeaux for a little bit.

We have a dry road but it's it's not something that we have to be required at the moment but it is there for in case we need to start adopting it.

Cool. So are you guys exploring any other change?

Is it something you guys are interested in or yeah are you guys a completely committed to the one junior run right now yeah so,

We have 100% my part of my job has had a BD is to is to have these conversations and.

Every chain out there that has,

it has to make sense for us because we don't have a we have a defation rate open right so,

We require certain infrastructure to be in place because we leverage the rewards of,

Of the Dexes so for example on BSC we leverage the the,

Cake rewards on pancake swap right and so there are cake rewards that are on every single pair we add leverage to those now,

That's easy for us to do on on pancake swap whereas on salana for example it's not so easy right so serum isn't a real deck so it has a an order book,

Radium has attacked but it doesn't offer ray rewards on all its pears so there are certain difficulties like from an infrastructure perspective there.

When it comes to other sort of EBM compatible chains like polygon and have launched like we've spoken to them at the moment,

That the the sort of incentivization deals don't make a great deal of sense and we want to avoid being one of those.

One of those projects that just expands to three different chains just to just to get sort of a boost in that open price because it most of them end up,

Not getting any volume at all on the chains they expand to right and that's because it didn't actually make fundamental sense for them in his it's it's a big consumption of time to do a crosschain,

Migration and at the moment it doesn't make sense for us and we'd rather use that time,

Building up products but it is something that we're open to even now I'm having conversations with all of the,

The layer twos that have come to market and it's something that I'm,

Making sure that I'm up to date with all the time and if there is a solution that makes sense for us we will be all over it.

Cool. Awesome.

Shall we move into the next next people text questions think the next up is Umayer and then she had oh Myer should you a question,

Yeah, sure. So yeah, you you explain sort of the importance of having a fundamental understanding of different D five protocols and then being able to,

She okay is that understanding with your like genuine user experience with them so yeah thank you for clarifying that I think that's important but I just wanted to ask if there's anything from maybe traditional finance or economics,

That you also value for interview either anything else along those lines of if I could thanks.

Yeah for sure I mean that as someone comes from the traditional finance space and who did their degree and economics like I think that.

Having sort of a solid especially a mackerel economic background is something that.

Does make sense and it's something that I would.

I would definitely see as a as a positive,

I think also when you're looking at the deface space having a general understanding of of sort of lending and borrowing and out that actually functions in the real world is important,

And so people again with an economics background or a financial background tend to be more up to date with that kind of thing.

No, I don't think that it's a necessity. I mean, like, for example, one of our regional BDs, comes from comes from the fashion industry, right? So, it's.

like a lot of it is just.

Are you someone that is going to to really work hard.

you someone who's very very interested in the industry.

And if you are then a lot of the time you haven't you you have a good chance right I think that it is a benefit if you have those sort of macro economic backgrounds but it's not unacessy.

Cool. Thanks for the thanks for the question and thanks for the answer. Alright. Next up, sheep had.

Hey how you doing? Basically my question is,

In a space that moves so fast and you don't necessarily need a lot of years on your belt to get these senior positions what would you be looking for when hiring internally or externally for someone who wants to sort of make the step up.

And get the singing sessions.

Thanks to the question. Yes, so for those who have broken through,

Crypto crypto definitely better than the traditional industry so the traditional finance when it comes to sort of.

Like moving upwards like that tends to be less of a.

Of a cap on on what you can achieve than there is in if you work for Goldman Sachs or Mackenzie or somewhere like that.

But it obviously depends on the protocol. Right? Like I think the certain protocols can.

Can maybe if they see that you're doing a fantastic job as a community moderator for example.

Maybe certain places might put a cap on on on talent moving up because of that they think if that's the case if it's if it's,

If it's just the culture of the company that you're in then it might be a better,

It might be an option to try and move elsewhere there's a lot of crypto companies right now that are looking for people that have sort of 6 months to a year of

Crypto experience in particular and so sort of moving to another company is definitely one option,

that doesn't mean just jump out. You should probably have a conversation with,

With your supervisor whoever that may be or even like if you see that there is.

That they are hiring for for a more senior position than put your put your name in the app for it speak to the supervisor if they just bat you down straight away without a,

Without a reason then it's probably the culture of the company is opposed to anything else and you probably wanna move elsewhere.

Awesome. Thanks for your time. Thanks for the question.

Any more question guys we have quite a few people here so we have 39 right now questions ladies and gentlemen.

NBC. You might as well get hired. Where's the worst thing that can happen? Hey, Dotty. Hey, Daddy.

We hold these Twitter spaces as well. I'll practice at a once every day.

Every couple of weeks where we sort of go through the market events and stuff and it's always it's interesting you you tend to get a bunch of questions then it stops for a while and then a bunch of questions again.

There we go. Hey, business. That's predicted. A business. Pump, pump, pump, connecting, connecting.


Hello, sir. How you doing? Oh, good. Thank you. So, I have a quick question. I just kinda hopped on Thanksgiving. Thank you for taking a time

I've been trying to break into this space. Have 15 years of finance on the business development side. Earn a few certificates in,

Blockchain and crypto through UC Berkeley online and some other places. I just wanted to see what and I and I'm sorry, I apologize. I joined kinda late.

If this question has been answered book,

Anything else I could do to sort of further my chances of breaking into this space given that I I had the background,

In finance, super interested in this. This is become a passion of mine now. Any guidance would be just greatly appreciated in order to break into the space.

Sure I said it's a good question and and it's it's something that I think a lot of people scenario there's a lot of people are in at the moment it's.

as as someone who requires people.

Invite daily basis it's it's kind of it's very difficult for for you guys to to understand how to separate yourselves from the hundreds of other people that are,

That are replying that are also from sort of backgrounds that aren't crypto but who haven't.

Got the passion that you have, right? And so, I think the fact that you've done a few of these sort of certificates, it does demonstrate that there is at least.

Some effort to try and certify your your credentials in blockchain in some way I think that's something that is a good thing that you've done.

I think that a second thing would be would be as I mentioned sort of earlier on will be on on the cover letter.

Like really trying demonstrate like tell of the company what it is that you've done like in terms of in the crypto square try and.

Try and speak about as many individual protocols as you possibly can. tell them what you've done on RV, what you've done on compound, what you've done on curve,

like demonstrate,

critical understanding of all the of all the of sort of the infrastructure required give your opinion as to what you think you're gonna be themes that are gonna play out,

Over the next sort of 6 months if it's okay I think the layer two on a theorium is gonna sweep everything up say why you think that is talk about specific projects,

On layer two and why you prefer ZKSink over optimism cruising we'll demonstrate.


Demonstrate that you have like a really deep passion for the industry and that you're not just a guy who's come in in the last 6 months cos your mates have been making a bunch of money,

That's great advice. James, thanks for taking the time to answer that. I appreciate it and I will definitely do that going forward. So, I really appreciate your response. Thanks a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving. That's right.

That was an awesome question there. Alright. Who must do have here?

Questions, questions.

We still have all around let's say 10, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. How are you feeling? Jinx 10 15 minutes. It's cool. Okay.

Alright one more person is joining us right now.

T Norm. Crypto immigrant. Alright.

Stick in a while to connect noise.

Yeah this is weird thing where like when you.

Become a speaker like it drops out and then you connect back I don't know right maybe we reach till dinner of of number of speakers maybe to demo with someone,

Sorry guys let's let me try doing that let's try once again did requested maybe that was the reason.

Sorry guys I had to drop a few speakers from here.

And read. Hello. Hey, can you hear me? Yep. Awesome. Sorry about that. Headphones were bugging out.

Thanks so much James for answering that that question before I'm kind of in still my stage I've interviewed with been lucky enough to interview with the number of

Protocols and companies but just haven't been able to break through after a handful of of interviews and I'm just wondering,

I really need to demonstrate some more, some more passion and and trying build a content base. My background's in marketing but

I'm wondering if there's preferred format for that if it's building up your your Twitter profile or if it's running blog post or

Kind of what what style of content would you really really investing in to kind of build out that.

And of understanding the space and being passionate about it.

Well I mean what's interesting there is that so you've actually managed to get the interviews like why do you think that.

The interviews themselves why do you think it didn't you didn't sort of break through that barrier did they did they give you any feedback.

Yeah. Honestly, I think it's like a seniority thing. I'm I'm 4 years out of college. Not a lot of people are are hiring at kind of.

The entry level for the marketing right now. So I've been applying more to manager positions. So it may just be

Experience misfit but trying to overcompensate for that in in whatever way I can and really demonstrate.

On that I guess if you have any advice there would be helpful too.

Yeah, I mean, like it seems that you're doing the right thing if you're getting, if you're getting interviews, yeah, I mean, it's it's one of these.

It's difficult kinda sounds like,

YouTube. I mean what I would say is the crypto at Easter alpaca. We don't look at seniority,

We look at sort of the person for for sort of who they are and the the the drive and the intensity that they demonstrated as as I've explained via,

Mean a lot of it is is feel based right so.

That's very difficult to prepare for and it's I always think that it's the best indicator of of hiring as once you've seen that they are somebody.

That has the required,

Background like the the I mean in your case marketing you could definitely give some examples of of what you've done at your previous,

At your previous company and and given understanding of of different sort of marketing outreach except for etcetera but after that it really is just a case of,

Once you've got the interview it's it's every single person that I've hired it's been because that I felt that,

The blockchain and the crypto is like a it's become basically like a key part of,

They're identity, right? So, it's not just the passing fart. It's not something that the as soon as the like there's a bit of a downturn that happened that they're gonna be,

Looking for for sort of traditional jobs again this is it's something that has completely taken over there.

The sort of set of interests and it's become a fundamental part of who they are

Right and I think that you can see that a lot of the time by by sort of the energy that's given an interview so huge thing when it comes to interviews if you if you just sit there and you,

So let the questions come in and you sort of give sort of a half hearted response through which never gonna get the job if you're someone who's,

Like insane me and a jetty demonstrating absolutely everything that you can do maybe giving some ideas so for example you're looking on the marketing side let's say,

You were doing an interview at Alpaca it's,

Like I would wanna set up if I if I came to the marketing team five five taken the the privilege of contacting a few,

Companies to kinda get there their pricing for different whatever add bananas whatever it may be

And I think that this would be a really good strategy going forward. Do stuff like that? Stuff that just shows initiative. I think that that's the best way and I think that.

If you were able to demonstrate that kind of thing and the like we could see that there was a lot of it initiative and that you had an actual vision for what you are gonna do from day one then at the I could pretty much guarantee that you would get the job.

Awesome. Super helpful. Really appreciate your time and we'll start giving some more, some more thought to be more aggressive.

Yeah I think the keyword should be helpful and yeah optimistic progressive is the right one but but definitely just write more content reach out to companies be helpful awesome question,

Alright next up we have a crypto.

Hey, guys. Thank you for hosting the space. Really appreciate everything that you're doing. Sorry, I pretty much just joined and make sure if you guys answer this question before, but.

Do you guys have any like advice or like trad fi?

People like myself like in the development or engineering roles and how we could make that,

Transition from like traditional finance or whatever over to crypto,

Let's say in my case I'm currently working as a liability engineer but like I'm currently.

I'd like a little bit of experience. So.

Yeah so make up with it sorry I make it with that experience with for like passion for crypto and all of that like understanding fundamentally,

These protocols etcetera how to interrupt and compose ability etcetera so do you guys have any like advice for like myself or people like myself.

Yeah sorry I think that the same argument holds what I would say is on the deaf side on the engineering side Blake.

There's a little more I would say there's definitely more.

Necessity for for experience there and and I don't wanna speak too much cos I don't have.

Development experience myself but I know that the people that we've hired have I there all been.

Experienced sort of in the blockchain space or that they've demonstrated,

They've been helping out basically they've been helping out with a little bit of for example we have multiple products going on anyone time some of them are sort of higher.

like we wouldn't want there to be anyone who wasn't part of the main team getting involved with them but then there were sort of little sort of play.


Where we kinda just playing around with a few ideas and if somebody comes in and starts throwing a lot of promise,

With that then we'll think about hiring them but on the death side on the engineering side it is a little more tricky to come in.

I would say just try and speak to as many people as possible get into as many.

Into as many sort of communities discards telegrams as you possibly can ask if there's any sort of projects that you can,

That you can help out with yeah I can't help too much more than that on the website I'm fortunate

I think I could commit a little bit get a high do engineering on daily basis even though I kinda should stop doing that so I think I can comment a few things I think it really depends on what exactly encrypto you wanna be doing in terms of development

Because there are quite a few

Rules. There's definitely development and I think that's what James was primarily commenting on. Is that majority of protocols they would probably not? Is it gonna be a bit harder to get on the core?

Daft team developer or a protocol developer because,

But a lot of like security nuances and companies would always want someone who,

Is experienced and kind of familiar with security consequences and has have been in kind of EVM develop and for some time,

If you were doing front end I think that's one of the probably.

Because of the complexity and every every product out there needs

A solid app and I think for something crypto every every project has a good hub profile and you can just go ahead and make a poor request or interact with people there,

And if you see something that can be improved in the in the app that you're using or in a company that you're interested in.

I just go out to their get upper file and.

Try to like fork not not with an intention of like running creating a clone of their protocol but mostly with the intention of understanding it better and kind of learning,

Getting my experience finding potential bugs fixing them making a PR,

And I think that's a very solid way to both level up your experience in the space.

And get noticed and I think you will get noticed very fast I think,

The issuing appear in a full request is it's a very noticeable activity that developer can do,

I think a lot of from what I what I've heard from companies that applies through so that are highly through us.

Is that a lot of companies as a part of the Tesla assignment,

They would require I develop her to issue a PR like proquest to have an existed existing open code base,

And quite a lot of developers do not even get to that point because not they're quite a lot of people who just learn,

Solidity as their first programming language and they think that they're gonna get a job which is a little bit maybe they can get a job and some.

Scammy project that is not very kind of long term oriented but.

I think it's definitely kind of get hub is the way to go.

And it's first time you're reliability engineer right? Yeah currently work as a SR,

Yes there I think they require quite a few positions for DevOps especially with exchanges and especially with companies that run notes so I think that probably is like the closest thing to your existing.

Skill set. Yeah.

Lot of like tray running a nude perhaps trailer running a bridge to try running.

Some part of the infrastructure. Doesn't make sense? Yeah, it does. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. Sure, thank you for the question.

Alright, guys. Any more questions? Do we have more developers in the chat room?

If anyone wants to ask more questions to James or to me. Sure, sorry. James, if there's any resources that you might recommend, I guess.

And maybe relevant to some of the things you suggested and and how you should approach defy and I guess the crypto space that large.

Yeah I mean I think honestly like when it comes to using the protocols then being in the in the discords and the telegrams that is 100% the best way to go when it comes to sort of more general.

Knowledge around crypto I personally think that.

For general reports like that they come out every day so the Massari just get a subscription with them like it is not too expensive.

Delphia as well and then sort of the large report by the block I think are really good and I think that those are probably like the the highest quality.

Researched. Sort of pieces that are out there. And I think that you'll get a really good fundamental.

Sort of grounding in,

In most of the important to the narratives in crypto from doing that but yeah in terms of the actual individual protocols themselves when I first started using.

All of these things they carve and compound stuff like that it was literally just asking questions in in the in the discards it was the best way for me to learn.

And I don't think that that using sort of like the instructions that are on websites is anywhere near as use whores as being part of the community.

Alright, thanks again. I would also add being part of Twitter spaces.

I think it's a really high band with communication channel. You can learn a lot from from the good ones. Because I do think there are quite a lot of good ones but they're also a lot of

And I've spammy. We're a lot of people talking without any more substance. Listen my experience.

Yeah, I agree. I agree. 100%. Alright, we have a about like 10 more minutes. James?

Right? Right. Okay. Okay. One last question from Paris let's make it quick and we'll gonna be wrapping up.

RS you just joined or if there is no question within five three.

Alright, no question. Alright. Anyway, alright. I think let's rub this up. Thanks so much James for for coming in. There's been super high quality. I'd say,

This past few sessions been really good in terms of like the quality of,

Conversation equality of of questions as well. Yeah, thanks so much for coming in. We sing one of a question but I one more request but unfortunately, we won't be able to answer it. We are James really needs to run.

I can open take one more I can take one,

Hey anyone joined lead we'll gonna have this in recorded for Man as well go to your podcasting app of choice and look for working crypto and we try to put this out a few days after

After the YouTube spaces over. Alright, Christopher.

You're up. Okay. Well, I was able to get on the call pretty early. Took a bunch of notes. I've actually been using notion and it's been a great resource, but.

I I think just for me it's been.

And interesting beginning to getting into the crypto space. Twitter spaces. I've been on the all the recent calls lately. Not necessarily calls but.

Although my hands are sweating, it's pretty exciting to just be listening and learning in the space.

I have a little bit of like developer experience with Python and doing some automation currently learning some solidity.

Took all the notes about like how to break into the space and I guess the question is what.

Well, thank you for your time. I think it's just really exciting to just be in the space now. I know you have to go but,

What are the next best steps like as far as getting involved with learning from you guys?

Yeah, I mean, I really, I mean, obviously, like, the Twitter space is being we previously chatted is important but I think it's just.

Like it's so much in this industry is,

Is it open to you? That isn't the case in like any other industry, right? If you wanna go into law, into finance, you can't just,

Hang out with a bunch of people in an investment banking, right? Whereas you can do that in crypto, right? So, it's it's,

Try and see if there are meetups in the town that you're from like be involved in as many communities as you possibly can on Discord on Telegram,

You'd be surprised like it always sounds they yeah I guess but but it really really is the case that the more time that you spend in these communities like,

It becomes a matter of time as to when you can get involved in something yourself like whether it's,

you just helping out and so the protocol itself like asks you to come on board in some way or,

One of the people in the space that you've met is has decided that they wanna set up a project themselves and they're looking for like four people and you've made friends with them and you can you can get involved play.

It really like getting just involved in the community is the key thing it's 100% the key thing and,

But you can go from oh to 100 in the space of 6 months which just isn't the case with any other industry so just stay present stay involved,

Especially if there is a market downturn like it will be recognized by community members by the project if.

Like the token price is stagnating for example but there's a guy who keeps on helping who keeps on getting involved in conversations like you will stand out so yeah just just stay present stay in both.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. Yeah, happy Thanksgiving guys.

Awesome. Thanks for the question, Christopher. Yeah, also like again, from developers to the point of view, do reach out to and go check out Twitter. Sorry, I wanna say, I did have accounts off all the projects that you're interested in.

Pretty much every single project out there has a something that is public on your they don't want to be wary of that project,

But I suck into some fantastic way to learn to kinda upscale yourself and to get a engage with the doubts and filing an engineering position eventually in the space.

Alright how are we doing in time James yeah I'd have to go cos I've got a call that Trillian in 20 seconds.

Awesome. Alright, thank you so much once again. I think I'll be just gonna be ending the space. Thank you everyone for joining today, asking questions,

Are you guys been amazing? Looking forward to the similar call next week. Yeah, just watch out our Twitter, make sure to follow and we will be announcing on next space shortly. Thank you so much everyone. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks guys for the question depreciate it.

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